Best part of being Dad


I’m going to do it. Lets see how long this one lasts.
I started a homeschooling blog and it lasted about a week :joy:


Well, this will be on the forum, so people will be commenting and fueling your desire to keep posting.


And ps I’ve been singing the theme song to Rockos modern life all morning :joy::joy:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: it’s meant for you then! Looking forward to your first post! I’ll be there!


Well I started my own thread :joy:


My wife had some more pictures from the weekend that were better than mine.
Found a log to climb on.

Playing by the bridge.

Collin tried to cross this log and lost balance. Fell in feet first. Then everyone just started wading in the water.

Also, pizza faces from the twins’ preschool graduation today.


Fun times this weekend.

Date Night last night to the Temple!

Teaching Truman and Elliott to golf.

Cherry Harvest Time!


Funny part of the day.

Collin is a pretty self-conscious kid. Doesn’t think he has any friends and thinks his teacher literally hates him. Anyway, when we go to school kids from his class are always coming up to him saying hi. This clip from Meet the Robinsons describes him perfectly.


Pre-Father’s Day BBQ at a park along the Columbia River today. Went fishing with the boys. A sudden thunderstorm rolled in as we were headed back to the launch. While trying to get back, we ran out of gas. While my Dad was trying to refill the tank we drifted against the gigantic rocky embankment. The wind had made the water real choppy, so my nephew and I had to use the oars to push ourselves away from the rocks so we didnt slam into them. I had my boys sit on the floor of the boat so they didnt get thrown overboard by the turbulence. The engine got started back up just in time for the rain to come down in droves. The boys ran for shelter while we got the boat on the trailer. I was very soaked. Fun times though! Here’s some pictures of fun at the park, fishing during the nice weather and coloring at gma/gpa’s.


Waiting in bed… kids would be disappointed if I woke up before breakfast was ready. They want to bring it to me in bed.




Father’s Day present made by Collin! Such a crafty boy!

BTS Cake! With my boys (not pictured, unborn).


I love this thread and seeing all of the happy, smiling little munchkin photos. :heart::heart:


Happy fathers day Rob.
Glad to see you had a great day.
When’s the baby due? Soon right?


Baby is technically due July 8th, but we feel like it will come sooner. He’s been sitting on Rachel’s cervix for the past several days and she feels like she may be dilating already. She’s going in to the doctor this Wednesday and may see if they’ll strip her membranes.

As we get closer, I’ll move over the Sober Babies for updates.


Just found out how to upload my videos to YouTube through the app. Here’s a video from this weekend of Bennett. He stepped on a sticker bush when he wasn’t wearing his shoes. Don’t know why he calls it a sneekerdoodle though…


Ice cream and park fun this weekend!


Went to a baseball game with the boys! Truman got his gum stuck in his hair!


Woke this morning to find that Elliott had gone to sleep with his gum. It was stuck all over his pj’s.

We are not a gum household. Its gross hearing people smack their gum and its rude to do in public. Though it would be fun for a ball game. I was wrong. I’ll bring different snacks next time.


Mine had her third swim lesson today. Making her dad super proud. :swimming_woman: