Best tricks


Just reminiscing

What were your best tricks at hiding alcohol…

When camping I used to hide alcohol near the toilet blocks and take my “full beer” with me and replace it with a fuller one.

Just remembered as I’m now camping


i used to put my bottles under the seat in my car and forgot to take the empties when i braked hard my feet were sorounded with empty vodka bottles lol


Shiiieett. Aside from the water bottle full of vodka I had no tricks. I was just an out and out drunk, didn’t even bother trying to conceal it.


I used to hide it throughout the house, garage, attic, back yard. The funniest, I guess, was when I was drinking in the backyard and my wife walked out and I threw it over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. The next day the neighbor threw it back.

I was busted once again.


The usual, almost emptying out a Gatorade bottle and topping off with vodka.


I hid most of my booze in my stomach. Now my drugs on the other hand. Shit, people are still probably finding those in random places.


A large Fiji water bottle half water, half vodka.

I think that would kill me if I did it today.


I would go to the toilet and open a can while flushing the toilet to cover the sound it makes…this meant I went to the toilet every 15 minutes probably :wink: When I would take the dogs out…it meant me and the dogs would walk into the local pub and I’d drink a beer…then I’d leave my bill open and take the dogs back home so I’d have to come back to pay…Hiding the bottle is a funny game…but I mainly drank at the bar…then broke up…and the last few years was by myself so I didn’t have to hide anything…



After some reflection, my best method of concealing my booze was to isolate at home. I rarely went out, always excused myself from family get togethers. I only put booze in the water bottle so I could get drunk as soon as I got to my car in the parking lot at work. Nothing like a 30 minute drive home on the interstate after 16.9 ounces of vodka.

If I went out, I was already drank by the time I got there.


When I worked at the bar I used to sneak into the cooler and chug beer. This was on top of the Evan Williams I would be drinking openly.


uuuuh…when I was drinking at work…I’d mix a maybe a dl of fanta or coke and whitewine in a pint and tell everyone it was fanta and soda…we had wine on tap just like beers so I’d go to the kegroom and take wine straight from the “lineguard” where one takes the air out of the line…sneaky of me…then at the end of the night I’d just plain steal at least two bottles of whitewine to have with me to go…


I could gulp just the right amount out of my 500ml cola bottle to fill it with exactly a 1/4 of vodka so it looked like a full bottle when I poured it in. I’d kid myself on it was only a 1/4 so it’s OK, I’m not like the real alcoholics who drink a litre a day. Now I understand the progression of the disease and I hadn’t reached a litre a day, but I would have and some days it was a 1/2 of vodka split between 2 bottles of coke towards the end.

Then I’d put it in my work bag and gulp it down in about 2 or 3 gulps, tell my partner I was just really tired and pass out most evenings.

It’s such a horrible existence and I am so glad to be free from it all.

Edit: I would go to different stores on different days to buy it so they didn’t know I was buying it everyday and had a bin where I dumped the empty bottles. I remember one day looking in the bin and seeing 6 or 7 bottles, all of them were mine, it was a horrible feeling and I couldn’t see any way out of it. It’s one bastard of an illness.


I never had to hide it, I just didn’t get out much and stayed home and drank with my boyfriend. The only hiding I did was hiding the bottle from him so he didn’t drink it all on me…or I drank fast to avoid that because as soon as his was empty mine was too and fast. It didnt matter how much it was either. I’m also surrounded by alcoholics, if someone did happen to swing in or went anywhere, they were drinking with me.


I’m married to an accountant who likes receipts for everything. I spend most of my days pretty unsupervised (work from home very often and she is at work). I don’t carry cash, but have a credit card for gas, groceries, etc… I would get a couple of gallons of gas plus a 12 pack on the credit card. I could then easily scan my receipt, using MS Paint to remove unwanted items and then copy the total to the lines that needed it… I’d print those receipts, cut them to size and slip them into the receipt envelope… after she got used to seeing so many ‘receipts’ on regular printer paper, she never thought anything about it.

I also kept an old cooler in the garage and put my new beers in it, with left-over ice packs from some cold-packed deliveries and keep it cold in the garage as needed. Not proud of my tricks.


Good lord, the lengths we’d go to, huh? Ingenious.


I’m also sure there are dozens of empty beer cans in the attic. Being pretty handy, I would spend lots of legit time in the attic wiring something or another… I would bring my cooler up there with me and take my time…


For every beer I would get from the fridge, i’d chug one, fill it back up with water, and smoosh the cap back on. Take the other beer with me. So for every 2 i drank, the perception would be i’d had 1. No other beer drinkers around at home, so I had a system in place for myself to remember which ones were still beer and which were water.

Also, .99 cent 1-litre bottles of lime-flavored seltzer at wal-mart. Would empty it and make a massive gin and tonic in there.

I probably wasn’t fooling anyone, in hindsight.


I don’t think anyone on this thread can argue that we don’t have a problem lol. Now let’s put all this cleverness to curing cancer or something


I was the best project manager ever at hiding my drinking, but I’m sure a lot of you could compete with me.

We must learn to take these skills/super powers out in to the real world and excel beyond the normal people through our life in recovery.


Damn, that is devious! My wife would look at the bank statement online so if I went to the liquor store I would be busted.
So I would withdraw twenty dollars from the atm, buy a big gulp filled with ice and then to the liquor store where I would buy a pint of cheap vodka and then proceed to slam it on the way home.