Best tricks


My trick for pissing clean at work wasn’t too sophisticated, just tucked some fake pee/urine luck in my draws every time I went into the dispatch.

Just tidying up my ride, found my backup bottle lol.

Life’s so much easier sober.


I was moving house 5 months after I got sober. Finding those old bottles around my home was a sobering experience and made me more determined that my new home would be a sober home.


I recently found an old grinder and a jar full of resin balls while cleaning my closet. So ridiculous the lengths we go too.


I had a teacher in 9th grade write in my yearbook(yeah, I had my teacher sign my yearbook) “I hope you use your powers for good, not evil”. I guess she saw something in me I didn’t. For so long I used them for evil, now I get what she meant. From here on out it is only for good.


Grinder you say…isn’t that the gay dating app? :wink:


Lol. It is. I thought I recognized you from somewhere before.

Is that itch still bothering you?


Nah…you gotta scratch the itch brother…:wink:


I’ll scratch yours if you scratch mine :wink:


Sounds like one helluva deal to me


To hide my drinking from my then wife I would by a 12 pack of non alcoholic beer and a 12 pack of regular beer. I would dump out the na and fill it up with regular beer.


I would drink one of the NA beers that she ‘approved’ to hopefully hide the smell of the regular beers I kept hidden


Ouch. NA beer is priced higher than regular beer in the U.K.- sad really


That’s mainly cause the process is way more expensive…they make regular beer and then take the alcohol away


Drinking NA beer was always like pissing into the wind to me lol


I don’t know why I like this thread so much. Some of the stuff we did to try and hide our addiction is hilarious in a gallows humor sort of way.

I was a drunk but yet I was embarrassed to go to the same liquor store more than once a week so I had them strategically scouted over town out per day.

A disease of insanity.


2008 I went two and half months without drinking with the help of antabus…I drank ten cans of NA beer a night anyways…who the fuck drinks that shit for fun…turns out I do :wink: though not anymore…haven’t had it in years.


I was a restaurant manager in a hotel. Stopped at the same liquor store every night. I still had my name tag/uniform on and the clerk asked ‘How many in the party tonight’? To which I said, ‘excuse me?’ To which she said, ‘You buy alcohol for the hotel here, right? Just wondered what the party was for’ :flushed::grimacing: Yesh :sweat: And that’s when I started varying my liquor stores :woman_facepalming:t3:


LOL…In here the restaurant has to buy with a licence number…so you can’t just go to a store and say I want this and that…this means that the government knows how much you’ve bought and you have to report on the sales…so it’s difficult to try and avoid taxes etc…
When I was working as the restaurant manager in this one place where we had four floors and 800 seats for diners…the alcohol importers kept sending me so much test bottles that I never had to go buy alcohol…


My Circle K knew me as well. I stopped in for 5th of Rare Reserve nightly.

He probably misses me lol.

1 time I got off hella late, only had like 20 minutes to get to walmart to grab a handle. I must’ve looked terrible with it hustling to the checkout because an old guy said to me “you don’t need that young man” as he passed by me.


HAhaha ikr!? I have no idea what she was thinking, but I still wanted to sink through the floor with embarrassment :see_no_evil: …and I remember sitting on an upsidedown crate ‘counting’ bottles/pours at the end of big parties…I was not a good person to be put in that room :drooling_face: