Best tricks


samesies…always counted on upside crate…that was actually the one moment I kinda enjoyed of the evening…it meant it would soon be over…


I’m sure his wife passed me too a couple of times thinking the same thing, lol But oh wouldn’t he proud of you now :+1:t3::smile::hugs:


Our gas station right downtown sells the blue Powerade in their fountain machine. I realized if I bought their biggest cup put a little ice and like 3 ounces of sprite I could fit 3/4 of a fifth of blue raspberry vodka in the cup and people would assume I was just drinking the blue Powerade.
At the end of my drinking I was doing that at least 4-6 times a day.


Walmart sells whiskey? Is it in the aisle next to the ak-47s?


I’m renaming Arizona to West Florida


Lived off the 12+1 rule as a beverage manager. Until they changed the law and had to charge you $1 for the freebies. That’s when I had to have a sit-down with my GM and comptroller about my inventory.


Yup thinking they didn’t suspect :joy:


In addition to the fuckton i had that bar every night, I always made sure my supply at home was “ensured.” Only one liquor store carried my “sipping” drink of choice at the time, so that was the one I always went to, usually on late Saturday or Sunday afternoons (bought enough for the week) before going to check in on a bartender friend of mine (who i later learned is in the rooms).

God knows what the clerks thought. How many handles? How many cases? There was always the one random liquor too that got thrown in for good measure. Oh and don’t forget the wine in the event that company happened to stop by. Riiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhtttt.


Haha, my beer guy missed me. I went in a few months ago after getting sober before my girlfriend did and bought her wine. He was like, where have you been? It’s been a while since you’ve been in. I giggled and told him I quit drinking lol. They aren’t used to that turns out…the kid gave me a confused look like he wasnt sure if he should say he was sorry or congratulations!


I always kept box wine in the refrigerator - and in the crawl space in the attic. I’d wait until everyone was asleep and switch out the boxes, then walk up the street to a neighbor’s recycling bin. Toward the end, there were always mini bottles of vodka in my purse - to be chugged in many bathrooms - before and after I drank more wine than everyone else.


LOL what is a “sipping” drink?


(Setting aside guinness)

The cans of non-GMO, no corn syrup, organic (had to be worried about what garbage you put in your temple), alcoholic lime flavored seltzers (hydration yo! ) spiked with vodka or black rum. I mean what else would you “sip” on in between rounds of chugging liquor?


Damn… I remember a Sunday at 10pm trying to buy a 12 pack. The kid behind the counter said if you came in 10 min earlier I could have sold it to you.

I didn’t say a thing and handed him forty bucks for a $13.00 package and walked out of the door while he yelled at me that he was going to call the cops.

I am glad this stuff is over.


Damned blue laws! We couldn’t buy booze before noon on Sunday here except for a few places. Used to drive me nuts


Haha I did that once in a Sunday morning. I had a 25 dollar 5th in hand they said they couldn’t sell it to me because the register wouldn’t even scan it. I handed them a 50 and said well then wait til after noon and walked out :joy:
I had been up drinking all night.


Thanks to brunch that law isn’t on the books anymore. I have done the stumble around Meijer waiting until 7 am on a few Sunday.


We have very tight laws that you can only buy alcohol above 5,5% from this Government ran store and any alcohol between 9 and 9. This means prepping for morning :yum: running out is not an option


I used to buy from different liquor stores on a regular basis. Buy 18 packs of beer almost daily. Problem was, being so eco-friendly, I’d recycle all the bottles.
I’d vary my recycling route as well :thinking:
Feels sooooo freaking good to share this bizarre BS!!
Houston, we have a problem LOL!!


A guy told me that he hid his alcohol in a gas container he had in the garage. This way his wife would never find it. Someone saw him drinking out of it and called the police thinking he was trying to kill himself by drinking gas and lighting himself on fire lol. Needless to say his wife found out where he was hiding it


When I was married, I always kept a 12 pack in the fridge. And a 24 pack in the garage. 1 out of the fridge, 2 out of the garage. The “extra” cans (because we recycled), always went into the back of my 66 Ford in garage. The later it got, the worse my aim was. Still finding beer cans in the garage. When the ex mother in law came…hid a bottle of Scotch in the bathroom cabinet, behind all the cleaning supplies. (Safe place because I was the only one in the house who knew how to clean). When she visited, 1 beer out of the fridge, 2 out of the garage, then a big old chug when mother nature called.