Bible verses for Motivation and Knowledge


I’m about to get closer to God by eating some strawberry fluffernutter


Furries are going to have a whole sobriety following here soon after we’re done running this joke into the ground.


Not sure what that is, but it sounds good. If I were single and a lady asked me to dinner and I was in to her, heck yes. I’m all for free meals with good food.



It’s good stuff…the things dreams are made of. For the record though, don’t ask a girl if she wants strawberry fluffernutter on the first date. It could turn quickly…lol.


So, it’s just strawberry flavored marshmallow fluff. So versatile, put it on everything. Yeah, maybe not a first date, or second, or third…


Man, it doesn’t sound as good when you spell it out like that…lol :joy:


No, it is nothing without the peanutbutter and bread. Alone, it is just fluff.


And he lucked out finding strawberry. A fluffernutter generally has plain fluff.


There’s chocolate as well…


Well, I’m pretty sure this conversation has been motivational for @ProfessorOak to get his groove on. Just follow all the advice we just gave you!


You have my attention…


All I know is that I’m freaking starving now and I’ve been in bed for 2 hours already…is it too late for frozen pizza??


Never too late for pizza. Back in 2007 when I was in college, we used to have parties in our apartment where tons of people would come and watch The Office, eat pizza and drink Sobe’s until late at night (BYU-Idaho, Mormon school. No alcohol. As dry as a desert there.) Still fun times.


Are you Mormon? I think Mormon people are rediculously interesting.


That’s an awesome area…I have several friends who live in Utah! I’m actually contemplating several late night meal choices at the moment…


Lazy people who are very pregnant are not getting out of bed unless it is to puke or pee. You gotta keep drinks and pistachios by your bed for these moments. How have you not learned these life skills yet?


Haha! Yeah, I am. We have been described as a peculiar people. Feels free to ask questions anytime.

@Bill_Phillips my wife went to BYU Provo in Utah. I went to BYU-Idaho up in Rexburg. There’s also another BYU in Hawaii.


I made a cheese plate with capers and olives :laughing:


How far along are you? My wife is 29 weeks with our 5th boy (mormon family :smile:).