Big test passed

Went to football match today everyone drinking around me and I never touched a drop and I’m only on day 6 of detox major test passed for me mate me feel very strong when I walked away


Good start keep going


Great job! The more events you attend like this, the stronger you’ll get.

Make sure to take good care of yourself tonight in case some cravings sink in as you come down from the event.


A bit late but well done :slight_smile:

As I’ve been told, make sure not to test yourself unnecessarily. You are still super vulnerable at only 6 days, and the ability to attend events like that will get easier with time. Shoot I have heard of people forgoing events after 25 years of sobriety simply because they weren’t in the right state of mind that day. Good for you for staying strong, but always ask yourself, “do I have a real reason I need to be going to this event?” If the answer is yes then by all means, isolation is not the way to go, just be cognizant, and good luck!