Biggest Hurdle DONE! 🙌🏻

Working in the city my life is so fast pace. Drinks on a Friday evening after work is almost part of the job. That use to set me up to fail every weekend. I’d have drinks with the gang from work, stagger home, have a drink at home, wake up feeling ‘bleurgh!’ And continue drinking so that the two days at weekend weren’t restful. Monday would roll round and because I was feeling gross, a drink after work at home would help. BUT! This week no drinks with dinner, went out with the team but had delicious mock-tails and woke up this morning feeling, restful!!

I feel great, i feel alive!


Well done @Lucy25 I worked in London a lot and know the culture only too well and it’s not only on a Friday. I’m a year free of it today. You can do this, stay strong and stay sober.


I love feeling good in the morning. I wake up early, make an awesome breakfast every day, and just start my day so positive !

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I get up early and still just eat Pop tarts… Can you make me breakfast (not being creepy)?

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I live for breakfast. It is the best meal of the day! I’ll make you some breakfast when you come to babysit the doggos. :joy:


Seriously if you pay me in bacon I would clean your whole damn house and do all the yard work. I love bacon but it doesn’t fit into my budget well.

OMG, I just realized I budget now. Adulting for the win. Thanks sobriety. I think…


I eat turkey bacon. (Quit eating pigs awhile back ago in hopes I would feel better. I do.) I eat halos everyday. Those little balls of sunshine are amazing! An apple, and pancakes, oatmeal, or eggs and an english muffin. With 22oz of water. I’m tellin ya. It really sets me up for my day.

You have to explain what a Halo is? If it’s healthy I’m probably unfamiliar with it. I was happy that I cut back my fast food and energy drink intake…

Halos and cuties are tiny, easy to peel oranges/ mandarins.


Sorry for hijacking your post. :joy: you should make yourself a good breakfast is all I’m sayin.


I love cuties. I’ll peel 4 or 5 in a minute and just pop the whole fruit in my mouth. I also eat a lot of kiwi. Cut in half and eat with a spoon. Same with avocado. Little olive oil, salt and pepper. Eat one every day.


Love me some bacon. Pig bacon. Turkey bacon. Doesn’t matter. Bacon bits are the fairy dust of food. I buy the big bag of bacon crumbles a d throw them on everything.

But nothin’ beats cornbeef hash. Fry it crispy and the cover it with over easy egg. That’s eatin’.


Um, come to Bflo. We are serious carnivores. My husband used to belong to an artisinal bacon of the month club!


Des moines is the proud home of “Bacon fest” . There’s bacon queens and everything. :joy:



Where is.bflo

Bflo = Buffalo, NY. That’s how they abbreviate it here. We’ve got lots of meetings. Which makes sense seeing as bars stay open until 4 fucking am! Ugh.

Duh, I knew you lived there lol. It’s actually fairly likely I will make it out that way some time. I do recall the bar scene. I was chased down the street by a crazy lady one time. I have no idea what I did but she was pissed.

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LOL. There’s some wacky shit that goes on here. Especially during the summer when we have festivals every weekend. People just walk down the streets drinking. It gets rowdy. But the festivals rock! I wait all year for Greek Fest to get my saganaki on! 1st weekend in June. Come on over!!

Honestly, it’s a pretty easy hitchhike if I can get permission for a weekend pass.

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