Binge drinking ruining life

My binging Is going to either ruin my health or my life/relationship. I got to stop now


I feel like I might not make it through the day, this isn’t a hangover talking, I’ve had enough, I hate it, I’m ready to stop but I don’t know if I can


medical detox is a good place to start if you are in fear of your life. After that I can warmly recommend a rehab…then maintenance and growth in 12 step meetings and program…


Actually, I think it will ruin both. It surely did for me. It is such an unhealthy cycle. Stick around here and do some reading. You cohld search on binge drinking as well, might be helpful.


I’m ready. Im done. Please let me do it this time please


Yes, it will likely ruin both. I wasn’t a binger, like the sudden cloudburst of pouring down rain, which passes quickly, skies clearing for a time in between. No, I was the steady drinker, sometimes heavy, sometimes light, but the rain just kept falling.

Regardless of whether we are bingers or steady drinkers, it really comes down to saying “no” to one drink…the drink that matters…the first drink. If we say “no” to the first drink, there can’t be a second or third or eighth. When we say “no”, we win, 100 percent of the time. When we say yes, we’ve lost that fight on the first drink. The only question remaining is how badly we lose.

And we only have to say “no” to one person, who happens to be the hardest person to say “no” to…ourselves.

Decide to be better, and then be better. Say “no” to yourself and the drink that matters. Do this, and you will be better, and then you’ll get better at getting better, each and every day. Better today than you were yesterday and tomorrow better still!


I’m going to try. One weekend at a time for my wife and kids


If the weekends are where you falter, set up a plan for next weekend, that will not allow for alcohol. Plan every minute of that weekend. Write it down, right now.

Could be going camping, and no booze goes with you. Could be going to a meeting every day. Anything, but it must be intentional. Get through it and prove to yourself that you can do it. When the next weekend rolls around, you can say to yourself “it will be difficult, but not impossible. I have done difficult, and I will do it again.”

Peace. Sober today and every day. Let your last drink be your last drink. 694 days since my last drink. I will never go back, and all I have to do to remain free is say “no” to one drink…the drink that matters…the first drink.


The is sage advice @guinster. It has helped me and many others here. I know, I WILL say no to the first drink. I know better, so everyday I try and do better :blush: you do and can to. Just need to make the decision to.
Thanks @Yoda-Stevie, I needed to read this again tonight. Always grateful for your words on this :slightly_smiling_face::pray:


I’m going for it this time. I refuse to watch my life go down the pan


I have crippling anxiety today and I feel horrendous but that’s not what’s motivating me

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Put myself in a position last night with a girl neighbour shared a taxi with her, she came on to me and laid it on a plate, I told her no as I’m happily married but I’m sick of these things happening, I’m happily married and would ever even put myself in the position while sober, I’m really determined to stop now, life to good


It’s a good idea to bookmark this thread and the next time you think, ‘Hey, just one won’t hurt’ take a read thru again and remember why just one will never work.

Take it one day a time. The anxiety and shit feeling will go away. But believe me, it waits for you, don’t ever forget that. What does drinking offer? Anxiety, depression, end of your relationship, bad health, on and on.

Sobriety offers peace of mind, heart and soul and the chance to be someone you and your loved ones are proud of. What a gift sobriety is.


Maybe try a meeting meet sober people who have been were you are now wish you well


I’m not an alcoholic or someone who drinks during week and on occasion I can drink normally but some times there’s a monster within me who’d drink a pub dry, I can’t run the risk anymore, only way is to stop completely. Im ging to seriously try this. It’s time


What do you define as an alcoholic, different people perspectives on this interest me. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


One word of advice.


Agreed …

I don’t have any physical need to drink but drink causes me lots of trouble. I’m not splitting hairs it’s no good for me regardless

I wasn’t suggesting that I just find it interesting. Good on you for addressing the issue :+1::slightly_smiling_face: