Bird watching


Our yard/trees are FILLED with blackbirds. You can only see two here, but we have dozens, if not more, every day.

Also, not a bird, but wildlife related: one of my favorite things about the wildlife around our house is the abundance of rabbits.
Since day 1, we have multiple daily visits from our family of bunnies. I have made a conscious, consistent effort to never startle them, I want them to recognize us as non-threats and be our friends. So far so good, I can get pretty close before they take off (~5-10 ft). This morning I almost got this little fella to eat some lettuce I was offering by hand, I usually throw any produce scraps behind our shed where they live. Goal by the end of spring is to hand-feed one :slight_smile:


OMG. I love bunnies. :hearts::hearts::hearts:


We’ve got more than I can keep track of! Big ones, small ones, jumpy ones, mellow ones…all kinds.


Feel free to drop any bunny photos in this thread too. :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:


Making friends with a few birds today, one is on the rail, another on the feeder :heart:


We’re getting our feeders in the next week or so! Can’t wait.


How do the dogs feel about the bunnies if they see one? :laughing:


Sometimes they chase, but I bet they’d turn and run if the rabbit wanted a fight!


Sorry to be a debbie downer, but as a former rabbit owner, lettuce (depending on the type, some is worse than others) is generally not good for buns. If you really want them to be your friend I suggest bunny crack – dried bananas. Maybe a nice herb garden for them. LOL


No, I appreciate the heads up! Any other produce that could be harmful? I throw scraps out there all the time, i’d hate to give them something potentially dangerous.


@tmac Is there a net up in your yard? It looks like a grid (net) in the photo. Especially when looking at the blue sky.


I took the photo from my office window, that’s the window screen :joy:


Here is a photo of my yard bunny Baggins. I give B carrots :carrot:.


I just found this thread. Yes, I’m also a birdwatcher. It’s an awesome hobby. Some of my best memories are from birding trips.:unicorn:


Thx for the cardinal pic. I saw 2 couples in my front yard yesterday. Been noticing so many of them lately. :heart:


I’ve got a honeysuckle growing in my courtyard, I leave nuts out for the robin, blue tits, great tits and long tailed. They normally have a route where they fly off the fence, into the honeysuckle and onto the feeder but for the past few days they’ve been quiet. I assumed the warmer weather meant more food. I’d seen a blackbird with nesting material in her beak and a male knocking about too but thought nothing more of it. Then this afternoon I went to tidy up some leaves and saw a little orange beak poking out of a nest in the honeysuckle!!

Luckily I’ve not been out there that much as its very close to the house so I’ll keep my activity down outside until she’s had her chicks. If I can I’ll take a picture but I’m afraid of disturbing them as the courtyard there is very small. I can’t wait to see baby blackbirds though :grin:


Made friends with a cobra chicken birb today. It avoided others but kept following me around.



Not a unique sight around these parts, but saw this turkey outside of work this morning. We are overrun with them around here.

I felt bad for this one, she was all alone and calling out, obviously looking around. Hope she finds her family. I’ve named her Barbara. Good luck, Barbara.


Steller’s Jay in tree fork (sorry don’t know how to zoom)!