Birthday gift

Last week was my birthday. I took myself to Huntington Beach for a couple days and a concert in LA for my birthday. The whole experience was emotional and perfect. Many of the reasons I drank were linked to issues that I knew I would never get closure on. This trip was to bury them and move forward. The concert was perfect the groups that played carried me through much of my past into present time. I had no idea being sober for a concert to be so wonderfully exciting. The next day I walked from the pier in Huntington Beach to the pier in Newport Beach. I walked the beach the entire way. About half to Newport Beach pier I had to sit down and take it all in. The thing I’ve been looking for searching for my entire life, the thing I thought I would find in drugs, alcohol, and people I realized I had within me. I sat in awe of how powerful that moment was for me. The irony that I had within me what I’ve been looking my whole life for. A sense of calmness, peace, acceptance, love and beuaty has taken over me. On the drive home and down the mountains I cried my eyes out. Tears of release and joy. Knowing I found me again. And knowing I can’t wait to continue being sober and present in my life. Knowing that I am going to move forward and I’m done living in the mistakes of the past. I had to create this moment knowing I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have hope again no matter what the road I’m going down throws in my way I know I’m going to be ok.


Thank you for sharing that. That was beautiful!
It was so heartwarming I was smiling as I read it :slight_smile: :rainbow:


How beautiful it is to be sober and find internal peace.Im so happy for you.

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Almost made me cry! , thank you for sharing it with us. I love everything about this! , so happy and proud of you :blush:

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Just gave me chills!!! Such a blessing! What a beautiful life we have been given if we choose to accept It! I can’t wait to hear what is in store for you, I am so happy for you :raised_hands::hugs::heart:

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Thank you for sharing that beautiful moment. It must have been hard to describe. Congratulations on spending such a wonderful birthday weekend getting to know yourself and loving it! :blush:

:sunrise: :mount_fuji: :relieved:

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It’s still hard to explain. But I’ve been forever changed. And I’m excited about the future

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