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Hi all happy Monday! Hope you don’t mind if I join this thread. I signed up for the 7 day Sarah Beth Yoga and am planning on starting Day 1 after work today. Ah looking forward to moving my body and working on that mind body soul connection. Alignment and balance is definitely something I struggle with.

I also am in recovery for restrictive eating and find that exercise, yoga specifically really helps with my overall mindset and appetite. It’s something that I want to continue to integrate into my daily routine. I’m also a tad bit of a perfectionist so learning to be kinder with myself. Yoga has taught me that some days I’m going to feel and be more capable than others and that perfectly fine. Yoga is not about perfection or competition, it’s about growth and connection which is why I think it resonates with me so.

I also just wanted to mention that I too have a had a tumultuous relationship with my mom through the years. It’s hard because she grew up in a completely different time when mental health and addiction were not so openly discussed. I think the biggest things that helped get on a path to a resolution with my mother were truly letting go of the past by realizing she did the best she could at the time and also I see her trying now to make up for past mistakes and that effort means the world to me. She actually recently shared a poem with me which really resonated about ‘How to have a relationship with your adult children’ and for one of the first times in my life I realized my mom didn’t have all the answers. I don’t want to compare situations by any means, just wanted to share what has been working for us now. Family can be tough, we don’t chose our family unfortunately so we have decide if those relationships are worth saving but not at the expense of our own mental health. Setting boundaries with family or anyone for that matter can be tough be very necessary.

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hi there. Fantastic news this morning to see you join us and Sarah Beth’s challenge. She is simple, accessible and I always feel good after her practices. I will share her videos here too.

thank you for your thoughts. I’m glad this conversation is happening because there are very powerful humans on this thread healing together. :wink:

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Thanks so much for the warm welcome and sharing the content and your perspective, means a lot :two_hearts: just finished work and am just making a quick smoothie before my practice- a different kind of liquid courage than I’m used to lol wish me luck! Hope you all had a fabulous day. Or at least had one thing made you smile :blush:

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‘‘kicking off the 7 Day Yoga Challenge’’ :

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My doctor and I have decided to take me off of Sertraline; a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). I need to talk openly about my process because I sense that it is directly linked to using weed.

In no way do I want to communicate that coming off medication is the ‘‘right’’ thing to do in a general way. I’m trying to figure it out for myself, I have no answers. Please do not judge me.

I’ve been on Sertraline for a year and a half at 50mg, which is a small dose. 5 months ago, I discussed augmenting my dose with my doctor to deal with weed addiction. I went up 75mg and this was the defining dose to make me understand I’m actually struggling with the impact the medication. I’m an anxious person, who struggles with obsessive thinking. I have struggled with depression, but in specific moments in my life, not an experience I generally have. The medication was making me feel depressed, and I think I was and am using weed to actually lift this depression.

I decided to come off of Sertraline instead, and now I’ve been at 25mg for 4 days, going down over a month from 75 to 25. I feel more energy and vitality and for the first time in months, the urge to use is less intense. I’m still using at night to decompress and sleep.

Coming off the medication at the same time is making me experience withdrawal, which is scary. I need the same courage when I went on them, which ended me in the hospital, to come off of them. I told my doctor I want to come off of them in the slowest way possible, do it was 75 mg to 50 mg for 2 and a half weeks, 25mg for 2 weeks, then alternate taking and not for a good 5 days I believe. Currently, I’m at 4 days at 25mg.

I’ve understood that managing my anxiety and obsessive thinking is rooted in three types of work: moving my body, discussing my mother wound & energetic work. I want to discuss this work as a form of accountability and just to share:

body and mind connection work :

  • Every single day, with the exception of 2 days per month the first days of my menstruation, I meet my mat for a minimal of 15 minutes, up to 45 minutes now.
  • No diet, I refuse to, this is harmful to me. I make sure I make healthy food
  • Visits to an osteopath once every two months

mother wound work:

  • Therapy twice a month now, it’s been 8 years
  • Reading and doing the work of Energetic boundaries (Cyndi Dale)

energetic work:

  • Reattunement with a reiki Master with whom I studied reiki this upcoming Thursday
  • Connecting to Source energy once a day
  • Share practice with family and friends


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Love heart openers more and more… :panda_face::black_heart:
Maybe because of allowing more and more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sertraline made me illlll. I was on it for over a year, ended up on 150 or 200, can’t remember. Suicidal ideation was pretty intense. Spoke to three different doctors and got three different suggestions, decided to stop taking it. Did my own weaning programme but over like a month, probably not recommended! I’m not sure I had withdrawal symptoms particularly, my mental health situation was intense but then it already was so I don’t know if that was withdrawal or not. After about 6 months I was still struggling with depression so decided to try a different type of medication (SNRI) which seems to suit me much better. Although I later found out I had iron, b12 and vit d deficiencies which I think probably contribute quite significantly to my poor mental health. Also lots of interesting stuff about iron and dopamine. I could talk about it at length, but I won’t spam the thread with it.

Mainly intended as a solidarity thing, we are all individuals and there is no one right approach. I can totally relate to wanting to come off meds to see where the land lies. There are plenty of options to look into in future if you feel you need them :slight_smile:


I’ve found some time to fit yoga in! I have been waking up at night with restless legs. Sometimes for hours. So for the last week, when it’s happened (not every night but maybe four over the last week) I’m doing a little self guided yoga sequence. Helps me stretch it all out as well as releasing general tension and seems to help me get back to sleep pretty quick. Winning! Already feeling a little bit of strength and flexibility developing. Hopefully when the night wake ups stop I will also stop oversleeping, at which point I intend to go back to a morning yoga practice :slight_smile:


Please do share :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have wondered about ADHD for a while although I don’t think I was symptomatic as a child so dismissed it as general life/ mental health stuff. Last year I found out about iron deficiency when a blood test showed my ferritin was down to a 5, I was struggling with intense fatigue etc. (Sidebar, old blood tests showed I was iron deficient around 10 years earlier but because the number was within the lab reference range, which apparently many doctors don’t realise is based on averages rather than being diagnostic, it was not flagged.)

I found this article which helped me understand iron deficiency a little better.

It lists ADHD as an uncommon misdiagnosis for iron deficiency. As well as common symptoms of iron deficiency (depression and anxiety are on the list!).

I joined a Facebook group which had lots more info, based on personal experiences, and I saw that some people with ADHD found their symptoms were less severe when they were not iron deficient. And apparently quite a lot of people with ADHD do have iron deficiency, I saw it somewhere when I was looking it up. I went down quite a deep rabbithole with all this stuff!

My understanding is that one of the features of ADHD is issues with dopamine. And also saw that there is a relationship between iron and low dopamine. There are loads of studies on it if you search ‘iron deficiency dopamine’.

This article gives a little overview of iron being important for serotonin, norepinephrine (that’s the N in SNRI, which may be why Venlafaxine works for me!) and dopamine.

I know since I’ve been supplementing with iron, vit D (plus K2, magnesium and zinc), and B12/ folate in reasonably high amounts, I seem to be better able to manage. Am still on the SNRIs but considering whether I might be able to come off them at some point.

Disclaimer, while I don’t explicitly recommend seeking medical advice for this stuff as in my experience doctors have been useless on this, it is definitely important to do your research. Taking more iron than you need can result in hemochromotosis which is bad. And Vit D at high levels without appropriate cofactors can lead to calcification problems, also bad. Knowing your levels and using that alongside symptoms as a basis for supplements is super important.


I would highly recommend anyone struggling with mental health issues of any sort request/ pay for ferritin, b12, folate and vitamin d blood tests. Even if it isn’t the main cause, any deficiencies won’t be helping, and that group seems to have particularly significant associations with mental health.


Thank you Mélanie :pray:t2::woman_in_lotus_position:t2:
Such a short frequence…
And I had such a positive experience, really enjoying my body and feeling love and softness in the twisted pose and hugging in the end.

Love :woman_in_lotus_position:t2::heartbeat::purple_heart::revolving_hearts:


Great to hear.

I liked this following one so much i did it two nights in a row.


I am doing good. i literally don’t understand life… so intense, so destabilizing, yet, her I stand.

At the moment, I’m skipping one day without any medication at all. I’m clear headed. I can feel and think clearly.

I’m also sensing gratitude for the medication. It saved me and offered me the opportunity to open a major wound. Medication is exactly what I needed, and at the same time, I need to come off of it for the same reason. I have fears about the process, such as:

  • because I feel so deeply, and so damned sensitive to every fucking thing, will I be able to cope without the medication. I’ve grown and transformed my coping mechanisms, I worked very hard. Is it enough?
  • because it helped me so, why take a good thing away that is helping me?
  • will I be ok?

And at the same time, I am so ok at the moment. I am reaping what I sowed. Guys, I’ve been working so hard to understand the pain, it lead me everywhere I am today. Most recently though, I’ve been liberating myself of the things that ARE NOT MINE TO CARRY. The most potent marker of this in real life is how others are responding to me, it’s positive and real. I’m having important connections everywhere I go now. I’m opening my heart, its the heart process.

@Juli1 opening my chest was one of the most difficult things to do in yoga because I’ve been protecting my heart. I always understood on a mental level why it was hard to not be able to open chest in yoga, but as I kept opening it, I felt the vulnerability of doing that. I just keep opening it and trusting the process.

I was wondering if sharing in this way would help, and it does. helps me process.

Making the connection between my mind and my body, that when I locate where the pain is, I let go, this is a physical process too. For me this process is incredibly intense, but also the result is softness, opens, I have a hard time describing this. For this reason though, taking care of myself in protective ways and becoming physically better and stronger through yoga, I can come off the medication, it is ok.

I will be ok.

often, I also do not talk about my nuclear family because I don’t, but I am very well supported. important to mention I find when making decisions like these. medical support, family support, friend support. these matter. they contribute to my ability to get off medication safely! :slight_smile:


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Hey you guys! This thread feels a little more private because i see there are only a few of you that post regularly. I hope its okay if i join in a little bit.
I used to do yoga a lot several years ago and over the years just a little here and there when i needed it. Since getting sober there has been a huge shift in me. My husband and I have been going to counseling. Its helping but we are still coming out of a very dark time and its not completely mended yet.
SO i decided to start going to yoga classes to help me feel more connected with myself, help my body because im so terribly tight and have a get away from my home that is healthy and healing. I love my husband and my home but there is a lingering sadness sometimes.
So far i have met some very nice people and I took my fist hot yoga class! I loved it!