Book club?


Hey there. There was a book club going on back in November. Now its March, and a lot of new faces on here. Anyone want to start a new one with me? I am open to suggestions. Currently reading “Drinking, a Love Story.” I am about half way through, so we can talk about that or get some more people involved and start a new one if yall want.


Great idea - count me in. Finished that book about a week ago so happy for it to be that one.


I’ve been listening to that one lately as well. Very good.


I’m in. Whichever book we read, I’ll get. I’m not picky !


Im in too. :blush:


I was in the book club last year, i will join again for sure.


I love this idea! All recovery related I assume?


I’m in! I’d be down to read anything!


I love reading… id love to join in please x


I’d be up for it.


Im in! Love to read!


So whats the first book we reading? The month just started any suggestions.


Im in. :slight_smile: what book suggestion do we have? Or do we want to read what the OP is reading?


Cool. Lets start throwing out suggestions. I recently saw one called “how to unfuck your brain.” Russel Brand has a bestseller out about the 12 steps. I am open to other ideas. We can vote in a few days if yall still want to do it.


Sounds good to me x


I read the book last year, is basically a different way to approach the 12 steps. I would read again for sure.


How to unfuck your brain sounds great.


Im up for that book x


ok well russel brand book it is, if thats ok with op