Book club?


How exciting… when do we stat reading,?


I have that one right now from the library and really liked it. I am about to re-read and take notes, so this is perfect timing!


Is this a different title of the same book (sometimes they do that for different parts of the world), or a 2nd book. The one I have is titled Recovery: Freedom from our Addictions.


download is the same book, just different title


That’s the one I have right now.


Im in :slight_smile: love reading


I read this when I started sobriety. If you think you can handle the triggers, as autobiographies go, its amazing to read about how he got sober or more impressively, didnt die.


I’m in. So is it the R. Brand ? How un fuck your brain sounds about right for me lol. I guess the other two with the same title are pretty much in the same view considering it’s the same author. I’m down anyways.


Sounds like most want the russel brand book. Begin reading! We can discuss in a few days. Confirm when you get the book.


Thanks for the tip. I was about to recommend a book, Jonathan Shaws Narcisa, our lady of ashes, but didnt for the same reason. It is full of triggers especially for drug addicts. Hard to read but a fine portrait of addiction.


Ill go and get the book today x


I’m in i’ve just downloaded the russell brand book on my kindle :blush:


Lots of great ideas for other reading,guys. Thanks for sharing.


This is what I think of one of my latest reads.


Subtle, @DresdenLaPage


Thankyou Madam @Lionfish , I do try my best.


I just ordered that book im waiting for it now :grin:


It’s absolutely outrageous.


I can’t wait to read it! Do you have any other books that you could recomend ?


My favourite book of all time is ‘Independent People’ By Halldor Laxness. It tells the life story of an Icelandic Shepherd’s battle for survival in rural Iceland from the early 1900s onwards. Laxness won the 1955 Nobel Prize for Literature because of this book. I absolutely love it.

Tin Drum by Günter Grass is another good one which is about a child who refuses to grow up after the age of 3. It deals a lot with insanity and actually was quite uncomfortable to read but a bloody good one.

The Golem by Gustav Meyrink is awesome. Its about The Golem which in Czech folklore is a spirit that lives because of the suffering they had to go through in poorer days and terrorises the city.

Those are the three that really stand out but as a general bookworm, I usually read books that have been translated because through the languages themselves, you get a completely different writing style and the metaphors are usually described differently - The similies and metalphors in The Golem translate…and I mean… beautifully into English. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ll even say ‘The Millenium Series’ by Stieg Larsson were good reads but probably only because of translations. The movies properly ‘Holywooded’ the stories and I dont think that was ever really intended because theyre so dark.