Book club?


Sorry I’m not sure but I want to order the right book. Which one from R. Brand are we reading ?


Trying to find that Brand book somewhere.

Other than that I recommend Norwegian Karl ove Knausgards books, My struggle series.


Freedom from our addictions .thats the one i ordered x


Thats the one


Thank you for all of the recommendations. Im gonna look them up and pick one. They all sound good so far from your perspective.


My library has it! I will get over there when the snow removal service gets here. If they are open… Freaking snow.


It may or may not be your thing. For Independent People, you will need a few weeks.


How are we enjoying the book? I like the humor. I can only read it in chunks,because he is kind of intense, lol. But I really identified with him saying that even as a child, he felt like he couldnt get enough. Always wanting more more more. Like binging on cookies.


I seem to be having a little trouble reading it…:laughing::dog2:


The first time I read this, I occasionally had a little trouble in some parts because of the way he speaks…it’s like he ate a thesaurus!

Now that I’m on my second reading and taking notes, it’s going a lot better. Here are some of what I thought were literally “noteworthy”:

  • We live in an age of addiction where addictive thinking has become almost totally immersive.

  • The need for connection. When we use, we are distracting ourselves from feeling. It’s a temporary reprieve and actually makes us more disconnected.

  • Re: The 12 Steps: If you follow this path, if you do the things suggested in this book, it will induce a change in you.

  • A 5-point guide to the cycle of addiction:

      1. Pain
      1. Using an addictive agent to soothe/distract
      1. Temporary anesthesia or distraction
      1. Consequences
      1. Shame and guilt, leading to pain or low self-esteem. (Repeat and repeat until you quit using this method.)

I like how he explains Step 1: Step 1 invites us to admit that we are using some external thing, a relay, drug, or behavior as the “power” that makes our lives liveable. It asks if this technique is making our life difficult. By admitting we are “powerless” over it, we are saying we need a new power, that this current source of power is more trouble than it’s worth.”


Im really struggling with the big words hes using !!! I cant seem to get into it at all … :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


I’ve read to step 4 and have hit a bit if a wall. I don’t have a sponsor and he talks about all the emotion that this brings up and the importance of having another alcoholic listen to your step 5. I’ve totally admitted I’m powerless over alcohol, want to change and thought I had given my will over to my higher power but when I read this I suppose I’m still kind of in that mindset where I think I can work through the rest of the steps on my own which may turn out to be a dangerous move. Anyway, I’m enoying the book so far. Didn’t think I would as I’m not a massive fan of Russell Brand. Always considered him to be a bit egotistical but maybe my viewpoint is changing (slightly!).


I had to buy this as an ebook, which i really dont like so much, but ill give it a try :slight_smile::+1:


I still cant get into it ! X


I got it from the library yesterday and am really liking it so far. I love his humor! The AA 12 step language is so formal and a bit scary for me but this lightens it up quite a bit. He writes the same way he talks which makes it a little confusing sometimes. Obviously he’s a bright individual, but personally I don’t really care for him as an actor.


I really like the questions he poses at the end of each step. They make you take a pretty hard look at yourself


I agree. Have you read the whole thing? I’m just through chapter 3 I think. Started to get sleepy last night and had to put it down.


I’m in the same place. Just finished step 3. Am hoping to read on tonight!


Great little book. Pretty much every excuse and “reason” to drink answered. How to deal with situations when drink arises.


Love this book! @aircircle