Book club?


I would like to recommend David Goggins’s book “Can’t hurt me” this man helped me find the spark to be a better person.


Oh dear, havent even started my ebook. Just glanced throug the index. Today, today :sweat_smile:


I love that book. Have it in finnish :slight_smile:


I didn’t get any read, did you? Too exhausted!


Looks like a great book!


No! Me toooo! And I have so many papers to grade this weekend. I definitely want to read step 4 asap though bc that’s the step I’m on currently


I just started the book and am on 1 step. But like you i m interested to see 4th. Nice book, easy reading.


This is my (dutch) hero according to books about all kinds of addictions. He uses a spiritual approach. I wrote him an email if he wanted to make a podcast with me about addiction, getting and staying sober (as there are none in dutch). He wrote a real nice reply, but hasn’t got enougj time unfortunally. But I really recomment his books.