Bored and tempted

Dont worry I am not going to drink tonight but I sure do want to. On today day 10, I am bored. I dont have cigarettes or junk food to entertain me through this quit. I am going all in.

For the past 4 hours I have been trying to entertain myself. Took the dogs for an hour walk, listened to music and made 2 different dinners, now bored again.

Writing this out is helping. My mind is slowing down hopefully I get tired. One thing I am really surprised is I am not at all irritable. I really thought I would be.

I am both excited and nervous for this weekend. Saturday night I am going to a concert and going to want to drink and smoke. But I wont. I cant. Ive gotta prove myself better than all of this. Need to mentally prepare before hand. Maybe Ill try to be “super full” or something. Any advice?

Physically I am not seeing much changes yet. Energy levels are still bleh. Bloating is still very obviously there. Skin is clear.

Thanks for reading my rant, writing mostly for myself here and tracking milestones.


You got this

Start a new show to binge watch or find a podcast you’re interested in! Or try for audio books! Not trying to sound like an ad but if you go on there you can do a 30 day trial and get a free audiobook. Keeps me occupied when my mind starts to spiral lol.


You are doing really good. Being honest is very important. Boredom does seem to be a big trigger. I am still trying and have had many set backs. I wish you many blessings. A sober life is hard to obtain but so far it seems worth it. You got this
Keep reading and following your progress. Message if you ever want to talk.