Born Addict

Does anyone else feel like they are swimming between generations divided between inherited addictions? I’ve got the generation before me addicted to religion, caffeine, alcohol, technology, and glutinous carbohydrates… then the generation I gave birth into addicted to T.V, video games, sugar, and fizzy lifting drinks…

I feel dually accountable for every compromise I make while “Sobering Up” by, for, and through my children.

Everything I put into my mouth has generations worth of consequences and its getting overwhelming learning how to say NO to anything with a chemical additive (people included)…

Almost 3 years without a drink but learning I’m far from “Sober” with every New Day. Beings as I spent nearly 19 years drinking excessively, I suppose it makes sense that the “Healing Crisis” passes over everything I once knew as “normal” and creates new dimensions of reality in each Sobering Mom(ent).

Thank you for letting me share my expensive but priceless journey through my om thoughts w/ you.



That’s very intresting x

Anything can be made into a drug. This world, and its varied generations, can easily be demonized. How cold and cruel a place it is when there is addiction, cruelty, neglect, etc.
However, this world and all of the generations therein can also be a magical and beautiful place.
It is absolutely wonderful you are sensitive enough to be able to feel what is corrupt in our world. You can be the voice that helps bring change! Refined sugar should be classified as a drug, tobacco companies should be made defunct and lobbyists imprisoned for genecide, those responsible for the heroin epidemic should be hung, drawn, and quartered, the list goes on and on…

You can be swallowed up in it all. Don’t let it steal your joy. Be an advocate. Be someone’s voice. However, don’t let the world’s woes drain you lest you go back to your lies for comfort.


Thank you for your balanced perspective. I appreciate your positive example a lot :balance_scale:

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I think we over indulge in pretty much everything in general. I do believe that the addictive personality leads to greatness as well. I think the best people in their respective fields become the best from there addiction to personal drive.

Of course that could just be me trying to make me feel better for being an addict lol


Hey hippy,

I strongly believe we are born addicts, a disease of the brain, I am from at least 4 generations of alcoholics and 3 generations of drug users,

However my addiction started at 8 with baseball cards and went from their, i was always an addict, what my addiction was always changed form, I found was to rationalize it,

However our upbringing often has a lot to do with it as well, being of addict parents and grand parents I saw how this behavior was condoned, so I felt it was acceptable to over indulge in whatever my flavor was that week,

It can be useful, if you indulge in healthy outlets it can benefit you as a whole


My identical twin didnt have a drink problem like me , think most families have had a relative who has had a drink problem, its how each person deals with life some cope some dont and use drink or drugs to cope ,


Thank you for your insightful feedback. I especially like #3 and am currently partaking of the Lord of the Rings series so I can glean more from this Gandalf character :pray:


Thank you for taking the time to comment. Your response is so relatable and “addiction changing form” is what I’m going to Focus On Today.

Again, thank you so much for these much needed timely reminders


Thank you! I never thought openly about channeling my ADDiction$, but it makes so much sense! Thank you so much for that perspective.

Today I’ll try to become more addicted to all good things that grow from water :pray:


I don’t think we’re born addicts. Scientifically some people feels rewards stronger in their brains, and wants instant, short term rewards instead of working for them. A quick fix, and a behavior cause by either biology (it’s for example common if you have adhd) or environmental (if you for example had a tough childhood, with minimal food or rewards your more likely to chase the quick fix later in life)
Or you don’t know how to handle your feelings and wants something to take care of it for you.

My grandparents never touched alcohol (Pentecostal) my father is a moderate drinker nowadays (he never had an alcohol problem, but nowdays he can allow himself to occasionally have some wine) my mother and uncle has always liked to drink occasionally.

Out of four siblings I’m the only one who had addiction problems.

My husband comes from a family with a lot of addiction and he’s the only one who’s moderate.

Our kids is neither addicted to technology, games, energy drinks, snacks or sugar. Despite adhd and other issues. My 18 y/o has never tried to even smoke and yet both her parents. Me and her father have problems with addiction.

In my opinion it’s mostly about the choices you make. If you choose to make that instant reward a movie, or if you choose to watch movies to “cure” you for whatever reason or to escape reality in a way that’s not healthy. That’ll become an addiction, same with, food, sweets, alcohol, tobacco and just about everything else. You can even be addicted to exercise and going to the gym. If the circumstances and the way to handle things are righ everything can turn into addiction.

However you’re not born with it, sometimes it’s biological, sometimes it’s environmental, and sometimes it’s both.

Not all people within the biological spectra turns into addicts, just like everyone in the wrong environment doesn’t do it either.

It’s complicated, but hopefully I manage to explain some of it without offending anyone.


The baby can develop a dependency on the drug and may have withdrawal symptoms shortly after birth. A negative result does not exclude the possibility that a mother used drugs during pregnancy. Most states do not have a law that requires hospitals to test infants and new moms for controlled substances.

Thats true…they always say pick your poison right? So I guess mine without alcohol would be too much chocolate and definitely coffee.
I can never do anything without doing it in excess though. :woman_shrugging:


Thank you so much for sharing this insightful perspective! It makes sense and helps me reflect in peaceful patience to be a little easier on my impatience with myself :pray:

Happy New Moon :new_moon_with_face:

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Coffee, Chocolate, & Essential Oils here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::coffee::chocolate_bar::oil_drum:

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Turn off your mind. Relax and float down stream…

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Not the worst addictions lol :woman_shrugging: