Bracing for an ice storm


Nothing like spending a Saturday cooped up trapt by an ice storn, with a cranky preschooler. Grant me the sernity!!! Anyone else experiencing an exorbitantly long winter? Come on spring…


Making preperations to lose power…every time I get an ice storm…power goes out…joys of country living I suppose


Same, set up the back up power and made sure our batteries are fully loaded. Should be okay, but our house is sourounded by old growth trees that have seen centuries of storms but you always wonder if this is the one that breaks their determination to stand tall.

I always worry about power,my husband hunts so if we lose power too long we’re going to have to have a big ass BBQ


Yumm…on my way over :grin:


On word: generator. I’ve got two. The big mutha that can run a whole bunch of stuff, and a little camping generator.


It is gassed and ready to go!


So far the weather has been better than predicted. We were supposed to get snow overnight and it never came. So I’m hoping (fingers crossed, knock on wood) that the ice will not be as bad either. I can’t handle another ice storm. We had a doozy 20 years ago that shut down the city and brought in the military.


Fear not and let the iceman cometh!


Nope…i am ready


It went from 30s to 80s here in a day. I have weather whiplash.


And make sure you run screaming for the store and buy all the bread, milk and toilet paper you can get your hands on that way you can make French toast and have a clean ass.


Naaaa…i am an outdoorsy guy…if I lose power and start to go hungry…i will just shoot something to eat…toilet paper?..i got leaves


I like that direction!!


Brag, brag, brag…


The wind here is terrible as we’re bracing for the goddamn ice storm too. I hate lake effect weather! We live in an apartment that is over 100 years old with no upgrades made to power since then. We have fabric covering our wiring. Whee!


I would trade anything to not be here in Southern Ca. to be somewhere beautiful like you guys. Even in a April ice storm.


If it’s not too personal (don’t answer if you don’t like)…where are you? You mention lake effect…is that the US side or Canada? I know Rochester gets some really shitty lake effect weather.


I’m in Buffalo NY. I don’t mind saying. :grin: Although I do mind the freaking weather at this point!


I like Buffalo. It gets such a bad rap. I love the art gallery. Albright Knox or Knox Albright? I can never remember. LOL


My in laws are in Niagara (Ont) so I hope the weather is okay down there.