Bracing for an ice storm


Oh the city of Buffalo has some amazing galleries like Albright Knox and Burchfield Penney! Plus great locally sourced restaurants and summer festivals. It’s just hard when you’re struggling like I am to stay sober that even coffee shops and breakfast greasy spoons serve alcohol. It’s tough to find non-alcohol related places and events around here.


We just finally got some sun and warmth. Hang in there, it’s bound to come soon.


And my power just went out…


Sending everyone some warm spring thoughts! Bought these beauties today


Beautiful! Beats freezing rain


I love it ! :slight_smile:


We might be getting some sleet tomorrow. I’m in central NJ and it was 86 earlier. Now? It’s 56 lol It was nice while it lasted! Be safe! Ice storms are no joke.


We have not gotten the freezing rain…super windy…oh well…not much you can do


Just went for a walk around the area (was going stir crazy) and the ice build up is getting nuts, the power lines are super heavy with ice, so far no power loss!


“Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snows
Lies the seed, that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes the rose”


Fingers crossed for you


Went from 70 to 30 over night for us. Suuper windy for days. It’s snow sleeting right now, and it has been thunderstorming for 2 days. :joy: I’m just happy it’s not -40 like that week in January . #lookonthebrightside


We have that starting here in the morning, joyous! Lol


Well, still minimal snow and no ice…yet. The wind has picked up. Fingers crossed.


And now we have ice!! I hope it’s not too bad and that the roads are drivable tomorrow. At least I have nowhere else to go today.


Our ice is past…i have power back! No its raining cats and dogs…so now my worry has shifted to whether my septic tank will fill up do to all the rain…


Southampton, Hampshire, England.

Here’s my week ahead. 19c is 66f for you USA people. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry to hear it! Weather’s so perfect in AZ today.

Hot coffee/cocoa, duvet and a good movie dsy


Yay for power but the second part sounds shitty. Sorry, couldn’t help myself! :blush:


Keto hot cocoa happening right now :slight_smile: