Break the cycle, its worth it

792 days today. Memorial Day weekend is here, and I am sober. When I was drinking, this holiday would start a 30 day binge. The memories of a sailor I lost would haunt me. Memorial day, to the anniversary of his death is roughly 30 days. Each day I would try to drink away the pain. It never worked. I did that for roughly 20 years.

My first Memorial day Sober was terrible. I refused to drink. The pain was horrible, but i did not drink. I was pretty useless…worked, went home depressed and cried. I still tried to hide from life.

My Second Memorial Day sober was better. I was still sad, still depressed. However, i wasnt fighting urges to drink.

This year…I have reflective thoughts, some sorrow…but I am living my life. In 12 hours I hit the road to drive 1,500 miles to see my family.

I broke the cycle of drinking. There will be good times, bad times. Happiness and sadness. Facing life Sober means living life. It all starts with saying “No” to that first drink.


Going in to my 1st sober Memorial day weekend. Feeling a little anxious about. Thank you for sharing your story :blush:

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You can do it!

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Synchronicity!! I just sent you a message checking in and then read this!! So very proud and happy for you Scott!! :heart: We all have stuff to overcome and work thru, glad you are doing that work. :heart:

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