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So going to be 23 days tonight at 8 pm, super proud but super overwhelmed. I feel like crying. Got pills today form Dr. To help me through it but don’t want to take cause we’ll it’s a pill… waiting till I eat and then going to try one I guess. This is the worst week yet feeling so alone like so utterly alone it sucks. I cannot go do work not maintenance work outside because need to respect my sisters wishes of leaving the house of course even if it is doing outside work. My mind is different, not high I guess, I’m not sure I like what’s happening in my head. I’m paranoid heating is off and I’m a pig like human garbage disposal (lol) but no appetite. I make myself eat then I feel sick to my stomach. I’m so lonely. Oh wait, did I say that already ugh.
I have my nieces my sister and her bf but I’m still alone… I hate being in my head I want out I don’t want to think… all these feelings and thoughts I don’t want. And why do they have to be at once? How do I control them. How do I make them stop without my drug… I have yet to earn and cannot wait!!! Shaking me signing off​:confounded::confounded:

What pills are they?

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Have you tried exercising? Might take you mind off things.

Also congrats on 23 days. I havent been able to go that long without something in over 16 years.

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I totally understand the loneliness. Atleast you do have your family. I dont have family that lives closer than 2hrs away and friends are almost non existent due to social distancing. I swear I picked the worst time to start sobriety. Lol. Jk. Hang in there you will find your answers and peace. I’ve read a lot on here that even after a while cravings and crazy thoughts pop up but they are assured temporary. Good luck.

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Why not what has held u back from not using? I’m going through such a rough time it’s making me sick meow , I took the step of calling my Dr for help, he gave me pills and I hate them I do not want to take pills but at this point I have no choice I cannot control my thoughts or anything, so I took the pills and they jus put me out which I hate but Dr says will help with anxiety except when I’m done the pills the anxiety will return sooo I ask myself why take them???