Brightside of my darkside


I am approaching my 60th day tomorrow. Today has been one of those tense, everything ticks me off, don’t even look at me kind of days. Most of it is probably due to the gifts of mood swings and hormone changes my “visitor” loves to bestow upon me…lol. Although I can’t even stand myself today, I didn’t take a drink or even really think about it. I accepted it and dealt with it soberly knowing that “this too shall pass”. My dark side is really showing in my personality today but, I did the right thing and that is the brightside. Without days like this I wouldn’t appreciate the good days. Hope you all are having a happy, clean and sober day. :heart:


We all get a little like that… No one is super sweet all the time. It’s human nature to have off Days. Congrats on not drinking x


Stay away from the dark side come into the light doing great , just having a bad day welcome to life .