Broke down yesterday

I have been trying to get completely sober for a little while now and was doing good except I gave in yesterday and had some drinks because work has been so stressful and I have been working too much and lost focus on my sobriety. I am definitely mad at myself today but I will never give up trying to be sober and do better. Day 1 again. :muscle:t2:


Same here so new beginnings for us both.

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Yea @Bsmitty and @Morgana-rose13 you guys can be sober twins and encourage each other. The first week is the toughest. I checked in here often. Still do :slight_smile:


Same here.

I feel horrible (at first) when I stop drinking. All the anxiety and depression and guilt and remorse.

But alcohol isn’t medicine. I know this. It makes my life worse…it’s like a toxic relationship.

My strong belief is that only good can come from sobriety, but it isn’t going to be an easy journey.

A prayer for us: Lord, please forgive us all who want to change and be sober. Please grant us mercy and aid in your eternal love for us. We thank you for hearing our prayers. Amen


Make it easier try a meeting they might help they helped me wish you well


Have you read This Naked Mind by Annie Grace or Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Control Alcohol? Both of these really helped me gain some focus on what was happening to my body and brain with drinking. Might be helpful to you as well.

Also, checking in here daily, whether posting or just reading, was very helpful in keeping me focused. Especially when I was feeling shaky.


Do you know things that personally de-stress you from work?

Would be helpful to have some tools, as it will be coming up again for sure.

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Would need some advice atm too exactly on that problem :rofl:
It is resting or sports I think.
Or having a non alcoholic drink, listening podcast.
Atm the level is increasing although doing this.