Broken again

My NA book has a phrase that sticks with me and comes to mind every time I relapse: addiction is a disease, and it is incurable, progressive, and fatal. It’s only when I forget that that using seems like harmless fun. Coming down after a binge and I remember…incurable, progressive, and fatal. Being in recovery means being in remission, not being cured. I can stay in remission for the rest of my life only if I’m humble and remember that I am not the one in control.
I want to be better.
I want this to be my last.


It’s not about the fall it’s about getting up and move forward. Going two steps forward and one back is still moving forward. You can make it and you will. Have a good sober day :+1:


I like the way you wrote the last two lines,
Way to go!

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Good share man. You’ll get there

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