Broken Crayons


I have learned the hard way not to entertain the what ifs. So many times I can’t count. I would rather spiral into happiness!:grinning:


God had a different plan than me…who am I to judge?


That was so raw and authentically beautiful. Thank you for sharing your amazing colors​:rainbow: Peace and love to you on the journey before you​:peace_symbol::heart_decoration:


Thank you!


@Charlie_C another one for you


@Thirdmonkey says it all," I am sober, I am happy,and for the first time in my life…that is enough " Only for me it’s the second time, I used to be happy before I started drinking


Probably my second time. It has just been so long, tooooooooo long.





@Kintsugi, broken Crayons make beautiful pictures.


Wow this story is amazing! Such a great way to look at life!


OMG…that made me cry. Thank you.


@Addictive. I think we all played the what if game in our head. I know I did. Just my thoughts on the what ifs.


@goBlue24. Some food for thought