I must admit, I have a solid support system. Although my mother departed this Earth last year on Labor day, which is funny within itself, she hated working. She left with me a loving younger sister and the best little brothers one could ever ask for.
They don’t know in detail how bad my addiction has gotten or maybe it’s because they respect me so much that they’d never approach me on topics like addiction, health etc. If it’s the latter I’d be disappointed in my siblings because our mother taught is better than that. But I digress.

Today is day three, this is usually the time my anxiety calms down. Only to come back with a vengence two days.

But For today I choose to hang out with my little brothers have a drink, playing some video games listen to there “thot” problems and just love. :heart_eyes:

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Hey bro,

You got this! I’m four months and 6 day’s.
keep the Faith and hit me up if I need to talk. :pray::100::+1: