Business and stress

Hi guys

First post… I’m 2 weeks sober, been drinking for years. I run a business which like most has its ups and downs. Covid has been a challenge and can struggle with the harder days

Any advice on curbing those times you really want a drink? So far I’ve used exercise, put my trainers on and went for a run. It’s did the trick

Cheers x


for me it’s more about keeping my mind busy and not just my body. Read a new book, learn something new, do some meetings and listen to others, listen to new podcasts about AA or mindfulness and wellbeing. Go on you tube and get lost finding new music. I use the word new a lot bc for me alcohol is associated with everything, even breathing is a trigger but find new experiences and find your new life.


Does this mean meditation?

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What @Dolse71 Paul said covers it. Just find something else to do on the times you usually drink

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Cheers guys. Agreed I need more stimulus in my life. Keep the brain ticking.

Appreciate the advice x

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Read this forum, find other people you relate to, learn from their experiences (good and bad!).
Reach out when you need to, if you’re feeling shaky there is pretty much always someone around to talk you down or just talk. Or if you’re involved in a recovery network (AA, SMART, Dharma Recovery etc), or just have sober friends, pick up the phone and call someone.

Welcome and I hope you find this forum as helpful as I have :blush: