But there is a SNOWSTORM!

Today is the eve of one week sober for me. It’s a blizzard out there and the fond memories of cozying up in the house with a glass of wine while the snow barrels down and the wind whips is killing me right now!!! Of course, there are so many other reasons to drink. Yesterday my favorite college basketball team played, the day before that I wanted to celebrate making it four days!! And of course, there is always because the day ends in Y, right? How do you guys push through your “reasons” and keep focus on the goal?


I’m in the same boat. Today has been challenging due to being snowed in the house. I slept in, slept a lot of the day away, and paced around the house when I was awake. Now, I’m cooking dinner and will probably go back to bed. I’d love a glass of wine or a beer but I know it’d turn in to two bottles or 20 beers. I wish I had some advice for you, but just know you’re not alone! I’m wishing you strength… :heart:️ You can do this!

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It’s a good reason to hibernate and it will get you through the hump. Try to look at it differently, when the snow stops you’ll feel rested, you can look forward to the storm passing and stepping out side in the snow and feeling alive. Take it all in, stay safe and enjoy it, mother nature is a powerful force.


A nice warm cup or pot of tea is a great alternative for those cosy nights. Herbal teas are great, lots of lovely flavours to choose from :smile:

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The goal has to outweigh the desire to drink. Seems overly simplistic, but in all reality, that’s all there is too it.

Alcohol’s “benefits” for me: makes me more socially outgoing, numbs and medicates all of my underlying mental and emotional issues, helps me relax, tastes good

All those apparent positives have to be compared to the negatives however…I drink to excess with more and more frequent blackouts, I make a fool of myself in social settings, I’m the “life of the party” aka the drunkest idiot there, I spend a ton of money on booze, every waking moment of my life is stolen from me as it became so ingrained in my day I would grab one from the fridge and crack it open before I even greeted my wife and children, it has cost me countless hours of hangovers, sick days, moments I cannot get back with my family, moments I may never experience with my family because I ultimately had to make a decision, my booze or my marriage…the fact that in my state at the time, I actually had to think about it should be a testament to how powerful of a grasp it can have over you. I too found every reason in the world to drink and went from being a fun drunk to an a-hole.

Simply put, none of my reasons to drink are more important than my desire to stop. When u get to that point or can see it from that perspective, it may be difficult at first, but it’s truly a “no brainer.”


Congrats on making it to a week btw. That’s a big step and it will get easier.

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I am in the same boat. Always such a “fun” drunk to everyone, until I wasn’t. Blacking our pretty much every time I drank on the weekends and away for Work. Making poor decisions (of one can even call it a “decision” at that point) and basically risking my marriage as well. I remind myself of how good I feel in the morning having not drank the night before. This is my second go around. Made it 6 months last time and just decided to have “one” glass of wine. That was two and a half years ago and here we are again. I know the cons, I just have to remind myself constantly.