Came closee to using

Well today is a tough one. As these cravings are worse today then any other. Feel bad cuz my fingerss went abd sent that msg looking. Usually i get it , but today was different as there was none. Looks like someone else has different plans for me tonight. But all and all i feel like im gonna cave eny day, with how in this exact moment i feel that way.
I talked with my counselor yesterday and im goin to go to a 3week program to deal with past trauma and learning to move forward.

Have a blessed and sober night !


Coming here and talking it out before relapsing is a great step. Keep working at sobriety. It is totally worth it! Sending strength to ya brother

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Omg that was one hell of a close call! Addiction is really trying to pull u back. I’ve had moments like that too in the past, where I was literally bawling bcuz I wanted to use and knew I couldn’t. How do u feel about deleting those numbers? We had to do that. It was hard actually but without the numbers (unless u have them memorized), it makes it harder to use. I literally had to make it sooo difficult for me to get high bcuz those moments were there. I like ur idea of that 3 week program! I hope it helps! Also I found it helped to carry a mini Big Book around with me (if ur into the 12 steps) and also a lost of my reasons why I quit. I used to read them often. I will be thinking of u and praying that u continue on :slight_smile: