Can anyone else relate to this

One month and 25 days sober!!

When I used to hear people talking or celebrating their sobriety it used to do my head in more so because I wanted to be them or be the other side and free instead I was so entrapped by my own addiction I never thought I would see the day. Today I heard Russel Brand talking about addiction and sobriety on a video and I felt it was such a good reinforcement for me to say yes I am sober yes I’ve done it! I am here in sobriety! It feels amazing! A chance to reinforce my achievement.
Think of those of you who aren’t there yet don’t worry it will happen keep trying and ask for support you will get there. I myself was the last person I ever imagined being sober and here I am!!
Have a great day guys x


That’s amazing ! Just remember every day you wake up to chose NOT to use .

That’s big !! Keep busy … your brain will still need time to recover .
It may be like A rollercoaster at times . I am there right now . Just know u are not alone .
Keep it up


Do you have a link to the Russell Brand video?

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@Bears515054 This may be the video

This course is free from January 13 (today!) to January 24. You sign up and you’ll get a link each day to a new video course.

It was on his Instagram feed

This is another post that had made my evening, I’ve been rooting for you for a while so I’m glad that your now successfully sober.:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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So far, loving it. Thank you, @Verte_yeux this is my only"social media" so I would have never found it.

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Congratulations bro keep on doing the next right thing.

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You can do this, one day at a time!! Super proud of you :heart:

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Indeed you have pants so I’m super pleased to be sharing this journey with you, you’ve been there from the start xx