Can I do this?

Day 17- I am into Trance music…so I have tickets to Dash Berlin on Saturday night…my husband put us in the VIP lounge which has a bar :-/…I DO NOT want to faulter and give in to a Grey Goose Cranberry Mix… Any advice on how I can avoid a relapse??? One drink will lead to many and I don’t want that. Ugh…and my husband is no help, he’s all for his wife getting into her crazy fun self. Advice please…

Be beautiful. Be crazy fun you without the booze.

You’re right. It’s the first one. It’s your lips you put the drink to. Think about all of the possible ways you can trick your brain to keep your goal.

Once I have one drink I’ll also have 10 more then smoke a pile of weed. This is not what I want.

I tell myself it’s poison and remind myself of just how bad it makes me feel. I associate that with a word. I whisper this word when I see alcohol. It’s my alcohol safe word.

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Thanks…a safe word huh? I think I will try that.

Can you drink cranberry and soda or is this too close?

You’ll have to refresh yourself somehow when you’re dancing wildly.

Also, you are the designated driver. Tell that to everyone else if it matters. It keeps people at bay.

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I would make sure that you keep something in your hand…something non-alcoholic. You will be busy and no one will offer you something else. As for “Can I do this?” Heck ya, you totally can!!!