Can’t sleep, clowns will eat me


Couldn’t sleep last night or relax. Lots going on and busy. A little worried about a trip coming up. Also, I was reading a novel last night and the main characters were drinking martinis. My mind instantly pictured and remembered that cool crisp taste. I stopped reading and faced the truth right away. Never in years has drinking been cool and crisp. I reminded myself of all the bad things and the reality of it. I also focused on how well I have been doing. Anyways, a combo of all the above is why I couldn’t sleep last night. I was supposed to go to my first meeting with a friend on Sunday but plans fell through. I want to try aa but not sure. Will definitely research where meetings will be when I am away in a week. Has anybody tried sobriety sos? Ending on a positive, yes I couldn’t sleep, but I am still getting through today sober and hangover free!


Great job getting through your day sober (and not hungover)! There’s an accupressure point on the midline of your head between your ears basically where a baby’s soft spot would be. Press on that a little before bed. It’s helped me a bit! And I take melatonin every night.