Cannabis Cream for Pain


Is it okay to use cannabis cream/lotion for diabetic nerve pain? My friend wasn’t able to get her lyrica so I gave her some cannabis cream. I hope I didn’t mess up😣. We’re both in treatment.


I was actually just considering getting some for my arthritis. I think it depends on the situation. For me, I hate the high you get from THC, for those who chase it, it would be a slippery slope I imagine.


I use medical cannabis but I have to use varieties with CBD because I don’t like the high much either. Slight is okay at bedtime but I like the relaxation effect more. Also it’s really helped my sleep.


I use the ones with high CBD and very low THC as well for the same reason. Very good for my sleep. But definitely not an option for everyone. I feel better taking a bit of CBD/THC tincture than Trazadone, Benadryl, melatonin or the myriad of other things I tried over the years.

I am going to look into the options for a cream for my arthritis next time I place an order.