Cannot change the mindset

Hello there. I am sober for 2.50 days from porn addiction. I am 20 and for 7 seven years addicted to this. The problem is actually I have tried many times that I think it is countless and every time I tried I just ran out my plans. As the time went on, I just tried to build a new way of thinking bout my plans, tried to give them a soul. Because it is really hard to escape from the urges And I see that they are everywhere. So this is what make the process more difficult. When a craving makes a pressure on my brain, I just cant get it out of my mind. I try to read my books That are my only friends. I try to watch a movie or a short body building programme. But it does not go and I relapse. So I have this conversation with my brain ‘’ what the hell, you know I will be ashamed, you know I will feel that fucking regretful day’’ I don’t know. It may be that I am sober for now but if I dont find constructive way to beat this, I will give in again… need your help my friends and everyone here

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I can relate to the addiction, mine is alcohol and cocaine, and I looked at so many routes to stop both.

While I researched, I came across a guy called Seth Armstrong. He had a porn addiction. He is very much in the social network of Nofap and motivational speaking about his addiction and what worked for him.

If you haven’t already, go watch his stuff on YouTube and some of the sites he recommends.

Good luck and you can do this.


Thank you so much, I will try to watch them. Yes I know being positive is actually the only choice that I have but the fact is I am tired of trying the same route Because it hurts me mentally and spiritually. I have to form my future in my brain but this evil made me a robot which is just out of control of its own programme. I am like a robot that being controlled with remote control… Yes, being positive… There is no choice