Cannot get up off the couch. The effort of showering is unbearable. I thought I was better


Today is day 3 and I am at the very beginning of my journey. I have just come out to my family and myself really, which I thought was going to make me feel better. I feel so much worse. The realisation has struck me so hard. I feel completely lost and lonely and worthless. I know I’m on the path to being a better person, but I have to admit that the admittance to myself has nearly killed me. I have been on the couch, willing myself to get up and shower for the past four hours. I have a mountain of things to do yet I’m sitting here staring into space. Not sure how worth it this is but I hope the road gets a little easier.


It really does get easier. Admitting it to yourself and those close to you is a huge first step! And it’s a hard one. You may think admitting it almost killed you but I promise if you actually keep on the path you were, it really WILL kill you. This is where your journey begins, be easy on yourself and do whatever it takes now to be sober today. And repeat tomorrow. You are worth it and deserve all the wonderful things a sober life will give you! :heart: It just takes a little time to adjust to this new way of living. Glad you took the first steps!


Can you drag yourself to an AA or NA meeting? You don’t even need to get dressed properly - I’ve turned up in PJs before, just focusing on putting one foot in front of the other. :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Just focus on steady breaths until you can sit up. Then breathe some more and then get your feet on the floor. Then breathe and stand. Then breathe and one foot in front of the other until you shower. It’s small steps starting out. Keep everything basic. Not ready to deal with “mountains” yet.


Cut yourself some slack. If you can, cancel things so you get not too frustrated or overwelmhed with things you have to do. Stay sober should be priority nr 1 as much as possible. Stay strong, one day at the time!


Hi guys,
So I’ve showered, opened all curtains and also put on some laundry!


That’s huge!!!

Early on, my sponsor told me to start each day by making my bed. “Act like you give a damn, even if your brain and your body aren’t enrolled.”

It is amazing how right she was.:heart:


Awesome! These days, I treat basic daily tasks as victories. Well done :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Thanks everyone! :hugs:


Maybe if you drink more water then you’ll be forced into the bathroom. Food for thought.


You are grieving the end of a relationship. An abusive dysfunctional relationship, but a relationship nonetheless.

Even the break-ups that are clearly for the best, take some time to get over. There are conflicting emotions. The sudden absence of that intimacy you once had, with the object of your desire.

But you will get past this, and it will get better. You will get better. 3 days is but an instant in the overall life to come. Don’t look at where your feet (or ass) are planted right now. Look up ahead at where you want to go, and then choose to go there. Each day, your mind, body, and spirit will heal a little more. You will be a little better than you were, yesterday, and tomorrow better still.

Just move. You’ve decided to be better. Now be better.


I practically spent my first 4 days on the couch binge watching Netflix. I had no motivation to do anything else. I think it’s part of the process.
Stay strong you’ll be ok.


I’m just over four months sober and I still get days like that, my body is still recovering from four years of abuse, I go to my meetings even if I could fall asleep on my feet, I’m still on medication, I do as much as I can in the house, (I post enough photos to show I’m not a slob) but I know what ever is not done today can be done tomorrow and it will be done at some point, I’ve got two boys 18mths apart and when they were babies the house was aloy worse,
If you need to sleep for 15hrs just do it, enjoy your sleep because it won’t last forever


From time to time I get those moments too. I sit on the couch staring into nothingness and stressing me inside “You have to do this and that, you can’t just sit / lay there the whole day doing nothing productive”. Then I get stressed and then frustrated and then? Then I vent on here like I did today and it get’s better. You’ll get better, trust me :heart:


Just think a year from Now, you will be jumping in the shower. Trust me. Get some inspiration off here and look at the achievements people on here get. You will get your achievements. Get through the shit grind and come out of it smilling.