Cant sleep day 1

Its day one but all I can think about is alcohol. I cant sleep.

Welcome to the community.

Day 1s suck, first month can suck, hell the first year can be a pain in the ass.

I took unisom to help me with my first week, helped me get some modicum of sleep. I also set myself up for a routine. I would go for a walk after eating, set the phone down and turn the tv off at a specific time, and get up when the alarm went off even if I only got a few hours.

Say no to the the hardest person to say no to, yourself. No first drinks means there can never be a second drink.

If getting sober were easy, apps like this would not exist. You got some type of plan/strategy for your sobriety?


I recognize it, first weeks were tough for sleeping for me too. What helped me was a melatonin supplement. Go see a drug store and let them advice you a supplement. You can also consider a sleeping tea with valerian in it or lemon balm to calm the nerves.
The first weeks are difficult, I know, I’ve been there. But it so worth to push trough!
What’s a few weeks of bad sleep on a lifetime sober? You can do it Sarah! :heart: