Cant take care during a blackout from alcohol

Alcoholic blackouts are super dangorus
I remember someone telling me its like a evil demond takes over

When i drink to the point of a blackout, there is no telling what will happen next.

Also people have told me that during blackouts i continue to drink. Good way to wind up poisond by the bottle

I dont need a baby sitter at my age
I also dont need to be in dangor

The stories from the night b4, during the blackouts are scary
Let alone being blacked out

Lol i didnt mean to come off as rough. Its just the real life deal


I drank in blackouts as well. Yup, that’s how we poison ourselves and one way to die. Scary stuff.


Used to wonder why my wardrobe stunk of piss lol


I shutter just thinking back on those times :weary: waking up not knowing what kind of shit you were in or what kind of asshole you made of yourself the night before. The flashbacks…those terrible little glimpses into what had really happened. Sometimes they were unadventurous (sometimes they were :grimacing:), but 100% of the time I felt like a drunk piece of shit. These are the things I remind myself of when I want to pick up!!


Super duper dangorus

If there were emergencys during those times…

I think that i got lucky for having those hangovers at home insted of in jail or at the hospital


I was wondering if all that blackout stuff actually happened, including why my clothes were dirty

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I’ve only blacked out 3 or 4 times, thankfully. I was more the pass out drunk.


You were lucky for sure. It was especially bad when I was mixing alcohol and Ambien, but really, it was just bad all the time.


I was out last night with old friends and they were sharing drinking stories from days of old…several involving blackouts. The stories were told as fond memories of the good old days.l yet I heard them as “Thank God nothing bad happened because you could have died”. :disappointed:


By being honest with yourself, i found i can think and live this certan way of life that i can live hounistly, realisticly, and most of all happily
I am a addict alcoholic and thats the 1st hounest and realistic thing i learned

Yeah. When I hear these stories now I’m just grateful I hadn’t physically hurt anyone yet. That I know of. Especially as one who, yes, drove under the influence. Small fricken miracle and not proud days, looking back.

A shame I need not live again if I just don’t drink. A sort of living amends.


Yeah, I pretty much always drank at home after my kids slept. But then last year I was blacking out and drinking during it. It terrifies to me to think how I risked my kids safety in the sense if anything ever happened I wouldnt have been able to handle an emergency. Shame. Guilt. Good motivation to stay sober.


All we need to do is dont drink. For us alcoholics, 1 is too many; 1000 isnt enough

Thank you for shearing


Almost every time I drink, it’s to the point of blacking out. It’s terrifying… but that’s why I’m here and I know that I can not go on drinking because I will either end up dead or in jail!


I’m a blackout drinker too. Somehow I could still get an Uber home, vomit somewhere convenient, and end up in bed. Bartenders would even serve me in a blackout, how insane.

So fortunate not to be dead or in jail. How crazy.


I used to drink until blackout pretty much every time. My scariest blackout, I drove from Tecate, Mexico to my friends house about 30 miles away through extremely winding roads, 2 boarder checkpoints and 3 towns. I woke up in the driver seat of my friend’s car perfectly parked in his parking space with 3 of my buddies all passed out. The last thing I remembered was ordering a pina colada at the bar in Tecate. I had driven the route so many times I guess I just put my brain on autopilot. Extremely thankful I didn’t kill myself, my friends or someone else on the road.


57 days with no alcohol. I was to the point where I almost always blacked out. When I think about wanting a drink now it’s now that I’d like one beer or one glass of wine. I would want a few bottles of wine so I know that’s sick. I try to read some of these conversations every night because it reminds me of where I’ve been, where I don’t want to go and how one drink will set me back and could kill me


Not that I’d like(not now)

I blacked out at least 5 times a week. Sometimes only an hour or two other times more like 6 hours. Really, really scary. What’s sometimes even more scary than the blackout is coming to out of the blackout. The first time I came out of a blackout I was having a mental breakdown in a car and hour away in a bowling aly parking lot with a friend. Another time I came out of a blackout behind the wheel of a car. Most times I would blackout and then wake up the next morning. All of it was scary.

Oh, and I continue to drink A LOT after I blacked out all of the time. I had alcohol poisoning once I should have been hospitalized but my friends were too scared because we were underage I had mild forms too many times to count over the years

So happy I don’t have to worry about that anymore!!


I’ve seen bartenders serve people to where they were beyond black out drunk and then let them get in their car or motorcycle and drive home. They never said anything to the people or took their keys away. It’s disgusting the lack of care some bars have.