Car accident

Si i was in a car accident tonight and passed out when i came to i was in the er being stiches up and motnorted they gave pain meds do that make me not clean anymore???

You take suboxone so any pain meds were blocked . I dont understand why you passed out unless you were under the influence yourself. Doctors will not administer pain meds while ur unconcious without knowing ur history. Doctors dont do this because if u already have opiates in your system; more can cause an OD possibly and not something they wanna chance in the ER. something about your story here just doesnt add up. Not saying your a liar but they dont just pump people with pain meds immediately or while unconcience


To answer the sober question…,

Getting pain meds in the hospital under doctor’s supervision does not make you not sober. Taking pain meds with the purpose of getting high or numb or whatever would make you not sober. So…if getting the meds in hospital could become a risk of continuing to use them when you don’t need them then it is best not to start. Your choice.


Horrible to hear that you were injured in a car accident. Glad that you’re okay. Take it easy. Get well. Keep us posted.

Hope you are ok!

Sorry guys for the late reply I’ve been home resting up the reason they would know my medical history is because I have seizures and diabetes braclets so they would have my medication Medical on file and in the last 3 months I have been to that same Hospital for an OD 4 times and in this small town there less then 30 African American here so as sad as it is to say im well known in the hospital

I’m just in bed resting up I have a few stitches a lot of bruising and a broken foot

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Yes my boyfriend got home the next day