Career change


I’ve been thinkin about changin careers, tryin somethin new and hopin for the best. I have been at my job for 6 years and I don’t enjoy it as much as I used too. Last Friday I had a bit of a breakdown and told upper management how I had been feelin. I get used a lot because of my skill set (not braggin) and it gets tiring after a while. Went on a mini vacation the day after I really enjoyed time away from work I was really hesitant on goin back. I still feel that way but it’s all I know how to do, been doin it since i was 18. 5am thoughts


Why not have change if your unhappy with your present job , have you tried a meeting they help wish you well


Guess I’m scared to make the jump


I had a wonderful job and I was definitely used alot because of my skill… which wasnt a bad thing but came with alot of extra pressure and stress. I started to become unhappy and didnt want to go to into work… I gave myself 2 months to relfect on my feelings and see if it got better… well it didnt. I decided to change my career 2 months ago, left my job with promising pay and promotions and i can honestly say, i am so happy i did! I love my new job and i am so much happier.

It was scary to take the plunge and leave something i was so good and familiar with… but in the end leaving made me so much happier and I have no regrets.


As a person who has gained so much and lost it all numerous times due to drinking. If ur sober you can make any living happen. It is tough to leave something comfortable i get that. But if you are really passionate about something or just want change just do it. Its gonna be scary. Im actually doing the same thing once im done with this court stuff. Im gonna leave my job get the heck out of florida and move to west virginia where i know nobody. I do mechanics so im sure ill be able to find a job. Is there anything in particular youd like to try


I hope i can make that step just like you did


I hope it works out for the best


I havnt made it yet, but i will let ya know how it works out still got alot to do here. You can do anything you want to do. Thanks bud


I had been at a job for 10 years when I started my new one, 9.5 years when I got sober. I had an opportunity for a new job in a field of which I knew nothing about. I took that leap in November, and I’m so glad I did. It isn’t always easy, and can be stressful, but I’m enjoying it! It’s to keep me going until I can apply at the treatment center I went to last year. I can apply in September. Take that leap, just make sure you find something, and give your employer 2 weeks notice. Hope it works out well! I’m here if you want to talk!


Thank I appreciate it


I’ve been cooking professionally for 12 yars. It wasn’t until I got sober thay I truly fell in love with it and found a skill in it. Eventually Ill be a G.E.C and step off the line and change in that way but ill never say no to change if it is in my favour.


I was in restaurant business for almost 20 years…thought that I couldn’t do anything else…now I’m almost done with studying to become a house builder…change is possible…scary, but possible…Life is too short to be doing something we don’t enjoy…go for it.


If you wake up in the morning, for several days in a row, and don’t feel like going to work, maybe it is time for a change. Life is too short and too unpredictable to be stuck in something you hate. Go for it.


My dear mother is a B2B Learning and development professional specialising in mental health first aid. She posts questions every day on her business Linked in and Facebook pages that are designed to answer career questions… heres a few :slight_smile:

"You have the opportunity to revisit your younger self, preparing for your first job interview.

What 3 nuggets of advice would you share?"

"This little memo card is for you to write something to yourself to keep you driven and lift your spirits all week.

What would you write?"



Glad you found your passion


Thanks fot the advice hope it all goes good for u


I agree with u


Howdy Ray - First off, the famous quote is that no one, at the end of their life, has regretted not spending even more time at work.

I switched jobs after getting sober. At about 5 years, I got help from a friend in the program with updating my resume and learning how to find jobs. I have felony convictions for DUI, so I was a tough sell. But after about 18 months or so, I got an offer and took it and haven’t looked back. It’s boring and a little bit contrary to my principles (profits first, protect the industry second, people 3rd) but they pay me really well and the work is easy. With the right attitude, I’m free of stress most days, and that’s way better than the old gig.

Good luck to you in your decision.