Careful who you make fun of

Careful who you make fun of, or you might just become them. Words my mother once told me.

I told the story on the check in thread this morning. Couple young guys were making fun of an old drunk, and I repeated my mothers advice. That episode has been on my mind. I think because I can identify with the young guys and the old drunk.

If I relapse, had I not turned to the sober path, I would be that old, smelly, antisocial drunk. That was where the road I was on was taking me. If I relapse, that is what I will be. Not everyone makes it. I made it today, and with God’s help I will make it tomorrow.

The young boys making fun of him, that was me. My mother and father created a son that was compassionate. I was the kid that would stand up to the bullies, when no one else would. I looked out for the little guy. Helped those that needed help…and then entered alcohol.

Sober me was still that way for a long time. But when I was drinking that left. I remember in the service i had 4 really good drinking buddies. When we were sober, we were the epitome of what good officers were suppose to be. But when we would go out drinking…we became this secret group. Judgmental, ornery, horribly opinionated. Trashing anyone not like us, betting on who wouldnt make it. It was ok to do, it was a private gathering, no one knew. But looking back, it wasnt ok, it colored how we saw our shipmates when we were sober. We were those young guys.

After the service i found the same group of drinking buddies, different names, different faces…but same horrible habit. Same little secret drinking group.

Careful who you make fun of…i see now my mother was right, i became that horrible person i so often made fun of.

I have a chance being sober to become that son my mother made. I look forward to making amends.

Anyway, i think that cleared my mind.