Change in habits, change in self

I can’t believe when I look at the sober timer and see 3 months and some odd days. In the beginning I was counting the days to get to 30. If I can just make it to 30, then I can’t possibly have a problem, because I quit drinking for 30 days straight right?!

Your brain always finds the means to justify the craving, but the heart and soul know better, thus the guilt.

My priorities have changed. My cravings have changed! (Man, I really want sweets!) I am changed.

Whether It’s day ___ or day one. You made the choice to be better, to seek support and guidance. To make improvements. So here is to today. Because I am so very proud of you. Now be proud of yourself.


That’s some awesome words right there…:+1:

And damn that sweet tooth thing. :rofl:

Thanks bud! God speed

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:pray: have an awesome day dude!

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