Changing jobs and need advice

So i have 18 months sobriety and have been at my job for almost 15 months. I really dislike my job, lets face it, im miserable there… So ive decided to finally leave. Now ive tried jist transferring departments within the same facility, but nothing is happening. No interviews etc. So ive decided to look outside the company im working for. With that being said there have been 2 places that have called back. One is for a recovery coach, but the pay is a little less. And the other is for a call center for an electeic company, which the pay is good. So do i take the job that id enjoy doing and still live paycheck to paycheck. Or do i take the job thats better paying, where im probably not going to like very much… Ive been praying about it everyday! And i just need some advice to consider.

I’d say go for the job that you’d enjoy, if your financial situation affords it

There’s no shortage of recovery based jobs in WV so I think you would be good for that. Do what is going to make you happy. Sure you need money to survive, but fuck if chasing money didn’t make me miserable.

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That’s such a tough one. I’d love to just say take the one you love, but choosing between paycheck to paycheck and being more financially stable can be hard. Especially since you will always know you had the choice. Don’t know if shit like that bothers you, looking back and thinking of the possibilities. Does the recovery coach one have room for upward or other movement? I’m sure the skills you would learn there would be valuable to your future. Hmm… If there is room to advance in some way then definately take the recovery one. You seem awesome when you are on here and I know a lot of people, including me, who look up to you and value you as a member. I personally need a no bullshit attitude and it seems like you have that for sure. I think that’s a great quality for a recovery coach.

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