Changing my mindset

For the longest time, every attempt to give up booze felt like I’m giving up so much. However I kept trying to quit. And slowly every relapse felt less and less rewarding and eventually my relapse turned into the feeling of giving up so much.

I’ve learned that the rewards of walking up without a hangover.

Not having massive panic attacks

Having more energy

Being more confident

And just being more happy overall.

All the reasons I felt I needed to drink, I found i can have all day long if I just didn’t drink.

Drinking gave me all the symptoms I was trying to avoid with alcohol. Once I realized this it felt like freedom.

I don’t care how many times I relapsed. I will get and stay sober. Today is day 5


Flipping awesome! This is what I’ve come to realize and I actually made it the topic for my meeting tonight. Not drinking, being a non-drinker = absolute freedom and the ability to live our best lives. This is my longest stretch of sobriety and I’m so grateful.


Insight into my illness was a great thing. Acceptance, along with a plan is what freed me mentally and gave me the path to travel. So thankful for all of you guys!


This is it! You are there! That realisation that you are not giving anything up by not drinking. You are giving your sobriety up by drinking. Love it!


Great post!! Congrats on day 5 and your realizations!! Never give up, never surrender! :heart:

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Congrats!! I’m also on day 5!