Checking in 3 days 41 hours

Figured I’d check in 3 days 41 hours feeling a little weak I have Money (trigger) but I am putting forth effort looking at my wife knowing she’s very strong and so over relapsing I say I have to be strong for us but thanks all for who you are and what you go through and share it means a lot to us.


Keep going. It will get harder before it gets easier, but it will be worth it. :blush:

Go on Kenneth. Big up ya chest !! Keep cracking that whip boy !!!

BTW. if its only alcohole ya fighting. That “panngy” feeling begins to completly go away after days 6 & 7. And the physical cluck will leave you alone then. For you to begin really dealing with ya head and getting to the meetings if you can !! Keep at it bro.