Checking in 6/17/22

Almost 3 1/2 days sober from alcohol. The longest I’ve ever done is 5 weeks sober in the last 15 years. That’s the only milestone to beat as far as I’m concerned.
But I know, every day counts.

I figure if I can go one day without it, I can go a thousand.
Got really stressed about work yesterday and my first thought was going to get something to drink. But I ignored and had tea instead. End result- just as relaxed without the hangover/blackout.

Yesterday I thought “days seem so long when I don’t drink”. But then, isn’t that the point- to gain your time/life back?


Sure. I remember that feeling. So much time and so much more energy to actually USE that time doing something interesting.

However, it’s been almost 6 months now since my relapse after 4 months of sobriety. And now I start again, and I have trouble remembering how good it was and I’m a bit afraid of all this free time. What are your strategies?


Honestly, I don’t have a great one other than to know what I’ll do when I’m done with work. I started yoga. And I’m trying to learn to play the guitar again.
It finally clicked for me that I may be dealing with mental illness, and drinking was turning me into someone I really don’t like.
Part of why this feels easier now is probably because the last time I drank ended very ugly.
Plus, I realized that cravings aren’t so much about me needing alcohol. My drinking brain (can’t think of what else to call it, addiction I guess?) tries to convince me drinking is a good idea. Logically, I know it isn’t.
And I just avoid it. I have groceries delivered so I’m not tempted there or by the liquor store. I work from home and sometimes don’t even need to leave out. And I tell myself if I can make it one day without alcohol and survive, I can make it a thousand days.
Like I said, not a great strategy but it’s worked so far.


Meetings have saved so many people, face to face and online zoom.
Congratulations on your 4 days.


Have you got any hobbies or sports you’d like to get back into? Or any that you’ve always wanted to try?

I started filling my time with running, home workouts and joining a gym where there was group training and started going a few days a week. I also found myself

  • pottering in the garden amd bought some vege and herb plants to grow
  • decluttered the house
  • 1000 piece puzzles
  • AA meetings
  • enrolled in a course i could do at home at night time
  • cooking meals from scratch
  • Netflix series and quality me time (so awesome being able to remember what I watch).

Thank you for sharing what helped you.
For me it will be cycling, swimming and home workouts, hiking in mountains (it’s 1,5 hour from my city so I can easily go on weekends).
Reading, learning… I didn’t really have energy or time to learn when I drink in evenings. So hopefully I will get back to this, especially if I want to start a new challenging project at work
Evening shifts from time to time in a NGO I help at will also be nice. And psychotherapy, which I postpone for a couple of years now…
I was thinking about gardening but I’m not sure if I am patient enough:D
Netflix and movies - my habit is to watch with a beer and junk food, so I will have to be careful and create a new habit here.


That all sounds awesome! I love hiking also (or in my Aussie lingo, bushwalking :slight_smile: )
I volunteered at a food co op for the majority of last year 2 days a week and it was so super rewarding being able to help out those in need, I’d love to get back into it again in the future.
As for gardening, I find it calms my mind and… my kids now call me the crazy plant lady because I’ve been caught talking to my plants more than a few times :joy:
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How have you been going today @JC123 ?

Wish I could say I stayed sober. I didn’t make it through the weekend, but I did did get another reminder on why I’m doing this in the first place (not that I really needed it). Sober over 24hrs and feeling so much better. How are you?