Checking in after 5 months

Hey guys, been a minute since I’ve posted but just wanted to give an update for any interested. I hit the 5 month mark a few days ago and i am feeling pretty good about things. Getting my energy back in very small increments but i can see and feel a difference so that is nice. Right now i am focused on stabilizing myself and my life, saving up money for a move in march because the apartments I’m in have gone through something like 8 different property managers in the 2 years ive been here and there are more problems than i can list here yet rent went up by 30% this past year so yeah no thanks to that. It has been altogether just a ton of change in my life in such a short period of time that it is a little bewildering at times. I am still doing well at work though it is retail so this time of year tensions run pretty high and i ended up coming in to a little spat with my store manager who was upset with the store conditions the night before. I was upset that i had once again been stuck with just myself and a notoriously unhelpful employee and no closing cashier on a saturday night and apparently been expected to stay as long as it took to get things in better shape across the store. As i said its that time of year and my manager apologized to me shortly after (saying she really needed a cig haha) so its all good i guess, but i always worry im not doing enough at work even though im busy working the whole 10 hours so I’d say I’m still beating myself up over the situation because i do feel there were one or two things i should have stayed to do. Didnt mean for this post to be a vent session for my bad day this week but here we are lol. Overall though i am plugging right along just getting through one day at a time and finding it easier and easier to really enjoy and appreciate little good moments in my life. Thanks for reading guys hope everyone is having a great day so far


Congrats on your 5 months!! And this is a good place to vent. Getting it out always releases a little pressure for me, hope it did for you.


Congratulations on your 5 months! :tada::tada::tada: That’s a lot of great sober time :two_hearts:

Man, Chase, I always love reading your updates! So uplifting to see how steadily you’re moving along in your sobriety and your life. :heart: You get to vent too, as much as you like, we’re here to pat you on the back. That store manager doesn’t sound too bad but being left alone with one duffer on a sat night in retail does! Been there!

You’re doing amazing! Keep checking in here it’s appreciated! Will you update your thread too?

Wish you the best buddy, happy happy 5 months clean and sober! :tada::star2:

Great progress.:purple_heart: