Checking in daily for accountability

My last use was yesterday, January 20 2020. I have intended to check in here daily. Hoping this will help me remain accountable, and build support.


Great idea! There is also a dealy check in tread, have you seen it? There is a lot of positive encouragement in there! Go check it out!
I would like to lead you there by sharing a link to it but I do not know how, sorry :hugs:

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Thanks! Can you explain to me how I can share a link?

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So I had to reset my click for a third time on Sunday. :cry: however I drank much less than I usually do . My last drink before that was Wednesday night last week . When Friday came around I knew it would be tricky , because Sitting around at home in my back deck with my husband , family and friends invokes a feeling of wanting to drink beer . So I planned ahead and bought alcohol free beer , it worked , I still felt like I was having a drink but with much better benefits . I made a promise to myself that when I turn 40 I’m going to get serious about my fitness and alcohol dependency . So today I turned 40 and I had a wonderful day with my kids - we went to an inflatable water park ; I packed a picnic . While attending I thought about a video I watched on you tube (that I’ve mentioned ) and this guy talks about sober living and how kids have the best fun - and they don’t drink so why should adults not feel the same way .? I thought about this while participating in the water park with my kids, the water was salty , the sun was shining and we giggled and had the best time Afterwards we had a picnic at a nearby park , I drank soda water with lemon . Tonight I bought alcoholic free beers and had a couple then drank more soda water. I’m determined to not only get sober but fit as well . Fitness willl fill that void I will have when not drinking . Fir me it was evenings , my tolerance was building up and it was worrying me . I could knock back 8 beers at 4,5 % alcohol in one sitting ( I blame Brisbane summers :rofl:) then when i didn’t feel that same relaxing feeling anymore from the beers I started drinking spirits with soft drink , I hardly ever drink a lot of soft drink . My last drink was on Sunday night . Over the weekend my family took me out for my birthday . I drank alcohol free beer on Friday night - then on Saturday I had two peronis over the course of 3 hours and drove everyone home ( I offered so I could be accountable ) Sunday we went out for lunch - just at sushi place and I’d always order a beer , this time I ordered lychee juice . To motivate myself about fitness and leading an alcohol free life I’ve taken basic photos of myself in my swim wear . (Very unflattering ATM) I’m looking forward to comparing the before and after photos once I’ve achieved my goal . I’ve also enrolled in 2 weekend art courses and am going to keep myself busy and distracted around beer o clock .


Welcome Charlie!
I’m going on 21 days and I can without a doubt give all credit to this forum. I hope you stick around and read and talk here!

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Checking in. Day 75. 75 blessing​:pray::pray::pray:

Checking in. :grin: hope everyone’s having a bless moring