Checking in daily to help maintain focus #3

Time for a new one it seems :+1:


Time for most of them to be new :+1:


76 days.
Yesterday 3rd meeting. We were with two.
Was good though, talked with him (sober for 34 years) about moving soon and since I’m off to sea in a couple of weeks, it might be the last meeting with him and this group.

“Tuesday and thursday” he replied smiling.
In you next city, these days are the groups that practise steps. They will fit you.

Grateful for guys like that who really seem to know their herd :+1:


Thank you! I was going to do the same thing lol.

Day 592.

Nothing interesting to report but still checking in. My boy has been really sick the last few days, made him soup last night and he thanked me no less than 5 times lol. He was talking about how it isn’t something he would choose to make but he feels how good it is for his body and it tasted good too, so we got to talk more about the mindfulness I’m doing when I eat and he said he’ll give that a shot and try to notice how he feels after eating something. He’s got my genetics after all and this change has been great for me. Hope he starts feeling better today!

Rainy & cold day here, off to catch up on work! Normally I would have been stressed to the max in the past about being behind on stuff from all the conferences, meetings and audits I’ve done but I’m not. I know it’ll catch up since I have a mostly clear schedule this week, it feels so much better living life without lots of the extra stress or worries. I have many things I COULD stress about or worry about now a days but I’ve got zero interest in that, just living my life really differently in ways that feel better, one day at a time. :heart:

Happy Sober Wed all!



I had my first online chat with my TBI class

Does it work out for you despite feeling An outsider ?


Day 51. The rainy weather can stop any day now, it sucks. Had health insurance checkup yesterday, down 22 pounds and blood pressure actually on the low side. Amazing.


Just checking in.

  1. Coffee. Last morning in the US. Will miss it here. Will miss Texas will miss my friend will miss Smudge. It’s been a great couple of weeks. Not in the least because I practiced sobriety on vacation and it went fine. Feels like a big step made. Thanks for being here all. Alone it’s too hard. We do this together. See you all from the other side of the ocean! Sober and clean love from Smudge and me

Safe travels my friend!


I’m up early and about to work out. No hangover here…


Day 34! Been dragging my feet about getting a sponsor but I realized this morning that it is my reliance only on myself that has kept me in addiction.

Time to let go of control & be willing to accept help from a sponsor.


Good a sponsor will guide you through the program wish you well


@cristelclear, the thread got moved to here now :sunny:

  1. Feeling humble this morning. I have been going to the same group work out morning classes for the last 12 years at my gym at work. Amazing group of people and wonderful instructors. I was reminded this morning of how I convinced myself that if I drank butt loads of water and worked out that I could dodge the effects of alcohol on me. It worked for a few years but then the drinking became more frequent and the « effects » started surfacing. I was reminded this morning while breathing out during an exercise of past times where the alcohol on my breath was so apparent (stinking ones too like rhum or wine) and feeling so ashsmed.

However, this morning breathing out and breathing out for the last 233 mornings there has been no guilt and no alcohol on my breath. I am not invincible, but I am no longer shortening my health with poison.

For this I am forever grateful! May all of us remain strong today through our sobriety!


Check in day 114.

Proud of myself for reaching this many days sober. It’s been well worth it. I’m starting to believe in myself and my ability to actually care and be kind to myself :pray: #grateful


Night of Day 3. I think.
Hurt myself falling on a wet tile floor. I am fine. Rather comical. Made me want a drink. Had some fruit juice instead. The whole episode made me laugh like a strong belly laugh for some reason. Like, I hurt myself like a drunk person but I was/am 100% sober. And I felt pain. I wasn’t numb. In a weird way that was kinda amazing…if that makes any sense. 9pm here. Time to do a meditation and calm monkey mind and sleep. Early bird these days. To everyone waking up have a beautiful day.


That fall sounds painful! Hope you are able to sleep though. Have a restful night. Congrats on day 3!! Many more to come. :slight_smile:


That soup looks amazing!! So glad you are not stressed and are living life in ways that feel better. Hope your boy feels better soon. That soup must be helping!


Day 5. Yesterday was Grandma day at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch. I was reminded of how many issues I have with my Mother and caught myself thinking, “When you point at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you.” I repeat this ad naseum to my kids.

Today, we have Celebrate Creativity at the Joslyn Art Museum. The kids get to take two workshops and get a special Gallery tour, followed by a symphony concert. They also get to spend their day with public and private school kids and do things like get in line. :nerd_face:

Sleep was elusive. Tired.


Yea! Nice one :pray:

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