Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Hi. I’m going to use this page to check in every evening to confirm that I am sober. I am hoping this will help me keep focus, especially in my early days. Please feel free to check in too :blush:

I'm tired of making a fool out of myself
How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?
Keeping on keeping on?
Checking in Daily to Help Maintain Focus Volume 2
Checking in to maintain focus
Just joined Sober Time
Stopping Alcohol
My story of me
Day 1 - Quitting Alcohol!
Need some motivational or any advices
Late hello

So here I am, day one, checking in sober :blush:


Hit the reset button yesterday. Day 1 here …ugh


@Tyler_Neal_Carlson I also hit the reset button but we can do this !!


I’m right here with u guys 3 hours until I hit 1 full day sober


@Ash Well done - here’s to checking in again tomorrow :blush:


I go back to work today and I’m nervous as hell, hope it’s OK and I don’t get stressed!


Checking in!I like this topic.
Was tempted when I was asked why I decided to quit and I almost didn’t want to explain myself and just go grab a quick drink.
Ha!“quick drink” who am I kidding??
Still sober, thankfully.


Love this!
I check in!! :smile: :sunny:
Had a fantastic sober day! Sore from 3 hours of hiking but FEEL GREAT!!
Happy sober day!!


@Poetryinmotion @Restlesssoul @Oliverjava It really lovely seeing your replys this morning. I love the support :blush:


@Tyler_Neal_Carlson dont beat urself up too much. Whats important is that you acknowledge/learn from ur trip up and try again - good luck xx


My reset button was 2yrs late. You’re doing good hun. Keep it up!! :slight_smile:


Glad the weekend is over. I was sooo close to getting drunk the last two days… The next days should be easier.


Honestly feeling a bit on edge today. My ex is holding some of my things hostage practically at his and I continually see pictures of him wearing clothes I bought him.
I don’t want to be with him but he caused my breakdown partially by cheating then continuing to and lying amongst other things. Just hurts… how can someone be so horrible?


@Poetryinmotion Don’t let him have that power over you, you are strong, you got this !!!


Checking in sober - frustrated but sober :blush:


Checking in!
Day 38 sober and loving it
Don't love some things right now- but I won't get stuck there- most important-
I am sober!


Checking in!I’m stoked.First labor day in years I spent at the beach without drinking.My husband and I took our dog and it was awesome. The last time I was at the beach was the last time I drank.I hardly enjoyed myself because I was on the phone arguing.
This time, I closed my eyes and was able to enjoy myself and remember how much I love being there. Enjoyed watching my dog learn to swim for the first time.
Today was rewarding !


Checking in !! Today I dusted off my Wii fit and did a bit of exercise. I’m so unfit !!! Going to bed happy, sore and sober :blush:


Checking in!! Today was a much better day than yesterday- still kinda blah- but better! I think it is because I both accepted the blah as just that- well as meditated a lot today.
Today is day 39!! Wow! :slight_smile: