Checking in daily to help maintain focus

Day 322 :coffee:
Had a great day yesterday. Nice weather, nice compagny and nice activaties. A little soar in my muscles today because of the gym, but that’s good.
The 502 error thing drives me nuts here on this tread. I won’t leave it like @Geo but I descided to just check in myself and that’s it. I’m sorry. But reading here gives me 502 error’s all of the time. Can’t even scoll down this page without having them. The tread loads difficult or not at all and writing a message gives me error’s too.
It cost me too much time and irritation.
So I will check on here only for myself, you will see me on other treads. Hope this terror error will be gone soon!



Nice one on 74 days… I’m right there with you


Haha, there are a few of us on 74 it seems. Great stuff :grinning:

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@Frantasticooo in the 74 club too



Happy birthday Nate! Its my partners birthday aswell! Have a wonderful, fully alive, day being you!!

Day 5 to me but Day 4 and a half on my ST clock, so unsure what I should class myself as!?! :rofl:
Regardless I feel dmn good for not having a hangover this morning!!


Checking in on day 4
Congrats to everyone with your sober days. Feeling grateful to share sober Monday with you all.
Have a good sober day everyone :heart:


Checking in on day 36 :muscle:


Thinking of you today! :heart:

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Day 513. Also day 7 of no added sugars.

Yesterday I had a great morning with my BFF. We met her mom and sister for breakfast to confirm our cruise plans and we went to look at new paint colors for my house. On the way there and back, we finally got to talk face to face alone with no one else around for the first time in at least a year or more. She has been my best friend since we were 14 & I’m sure many lifetimes before that. She said these last few years have been hard on her watching me shift who I was completely. I tried to do things differently for different results and boy did I ever. I have broken down who I am at a core level really and am becoming more “me” than I ever have been! Over the last few years, I’ve isolated a ton and have been crazy uncomfortable. With that though, I found sobriety, have been growing myself at a deep spiritual level from the inside and have experienced things and even clarity I have never had in my life. It’s pretty amazing really, I have never been more alone yet I’m happier inside in my core and feel more whole than I’ve ever felt. Those two have never coincided before, but here I am! And it’s really a great place to be. I’ve always looked for external validation or support and I’ve learned finally that I don’t need any of that. As a matter of fact, not having it allowed me to get here! It gave me space to do my meditations daily, my energy work, my soul work, to be able to process my emotions and sit with them, to be mindful and aware. It has quieted me down to hear the answers. I feel much more in tune with my true self than I ever have and my heart is wide open. My BFF is super excited to have “me” back. :heart:


Beautiful :blush::heart_eyes::blue_heart::green_heart::orange_heart:


Checking in on my 29th day. :star:



Sending strength and support your way on this difficult day.

Checking in…
Day: 57.

A little worried as my extractions were last Monday and my chin and half of my bottom lip are still completely numb. Nerve damage perhaps? I go back to the dentist tomorrow to check things out.
Also, think I have dry socket with the amount of pain I am still experiencing. :cry::tooth:
Just taking it easy.
One day at a time.



Thank you for sharing this. I can completely relate.

I am learning to love myself and my own company and don’t need someone to complete me or validation from others.

Have a fantastic day!


Happy to hear this! :heart: Hope you have a great day too!


Woohoo! Finished day 8 :grin:


Not a great day today,I feel angry, short tempered, don’t want to talk to anyone or do anything…cant be bothered to eat or even get dressed. Day 26 and I thought things would start to get better or a bit easier…wishful thinking I guess!


The thread was getting too large and unmanageable, so I closed it and started a new one for you.

(*New* Checking in daily to help maintain focus)